2012 Election, Facts,/Needs/Ideas

     In what I have called the most boring Election so far, 2012’s is not moving any faster and neither candidate is really making headway against the other. If this keeps up, we may just choose a President and be done with it all in quiet fashion.

       You can run around pointing fingers at one another as these two men do, and telling tales about each other or you can begin to talk about the real issues Americans face! Let’s Get it on is what I say, lets see who has the solutions and ideas to move the country forward.

       I want to hear both candidates, incumbant and challenger, talk about 1) The Economy, 2) Creating Jobs,3) How to save Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare 4) Evening the trade agreements and making America have more exports than imports. 5) How to get us out of wars and keep us out period, we are not the world’s police force.6) Getting our money back from the companies and banks we bailed out. 7) Repairing the Blue Collar Job Market is key and vital to America’s economy, we need to get more factories going again.

          These are key issues that need discussed, extend unemployment benefits, save the Postal Service, keep it alive, while your at it too. Make a decision not to get involved in anyone elses wars anymore. We can’t fix Afghanistan, but we do kill off our service members trying don’t we, stop it now, pull the hell out. We had no business in Iraq, Iran is bullshiting us and we fall for it and get upset, isolate them and let them beg for mercy in the end, and their threat will go poof.  Homeland Protection is vital also, we all agree, we must keep America safe to stay free. Lets do it and do it right is all.

       In the end the 2012 Election this November, will determine 1) Who shall lead America away from these bad items and towards the good. 2) Who shall stop our decline in the world economy and put measures in place to prevent us from being dragged down too. 3) Who can straighten out and renegotiate all the trade agreements that are affects our imports being greater than our exports and turn it around. 4) Jobs are critical as is manufacturing, lets give them tax breaks and help to get going again in America and build more. 

       In the end the man who can solve all the above problems with ideas that work will win the election. I want both candidates to discuss these issues not who’s dog is on the roof of a car, or what they did in High School. Create jobs, help the manufacturing market grow, encourage, encourage this period. Save the Postal Service, leave the Veterans benefits alone, leave Social Security alone and find a way to continue to fund it, keep Health Care Reform and correct it, not destroy it.. Don’t take benefits from the elderly and poor to pay the rich, keep the programs in place damn it. 

      So many things a President can do  and be doing to improve the country has stopped being done, because the American people made a mistake in 2008. We picked the right President, but gave congress to his opposition, causing the log jams we now have in Washington. Sadly we American citizens are just as responsible for this mess as the politicians. If we want it cleaned up and the country moving forward and improving we need to stop the log jam and elect a President and Congress of one party and make them work to save all needing saving or fire them and get new ones. My opinion is now said and written I hope others agree!



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