Television-End of Seasons and Programs!

     Television Stations across the country end and begin new seasons at different times and they end shows and begin new shows in the same way. Most of what we watch on television is based upon ads for products they can attach to them, the ads as we know pays the bills.  Yet I find it sad when favorite shows complete their runs and go off air and we are left hanging as to what happened to the characters, we watched and loved and laughed at. Funny some of them become so real to us we even imamate them in public places. This happened with shows like Mash, Friends, and many more, and they left holes in television lands viewers hearts.

        Every year in the spring they kill programs without asking the public about them, then they bring new summer ones out in trials and see if they are good enough for renewing. Then we have shows like Desperate Housewifes that ended last night after a 8 year run, House is leaving us too, among other that have left in the past like Monk. To be replaced by live action shows like Survivor and Amazing Race and Big Brother and The Bachlorette and more. The live shows are fun at times but, they get boring for me too. No real plots, no real characters that change each week or show.

       I want to go back in time to the days when we d tube television and black and whites and antennas just to see the shows that went by. Shows I loved, laughed, cried and sat amazed at and wonder why they aren’t on television today. 

       Mutual of Omahas’ Wild Kingdom, Wonderful World of Disney, Soul Train, American Bandstand. Comedies ruled too- I Love Lucy, Car 54 Where are You, My Mother the Car, McHale’s Navy, Carol Burnett, Jackie Gleason, Dean Martin and more. The wholesome shows of yester-years have gone to the graveyard and not come back at all.  We even had war shows, like Combat,The Rat Pack, then we had Mod Squad and The Dukes of Hazard. What happened to Charlies Angels and the likes of it? Television is continuing to change but I wonder if it is for the good or bad. 

        In my book there are channels few really watch, we do in my home, Green Planet, Discovery, History 1 and 2  A&E, USA, and more. The premium channels I could probably do without like HBO,Showtime and Max and such, not enough variety or shows I like on them, but they are in my package for now.

        I find myself leaving shows behind I didn’t want to see go like House and TNT’s The Closer, while shows I wish would leave still stick around. Sadly, the directors, and producers and stations run the shows and what they put on, and we really have no control except to change the channels or shut it all off now a days. What happened to good old-fashioned comedies, and wholesome shows and dramas that made sense without getting too violent or bloody? Maybe someone will read this and understand what I am saying these days.



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