Marriage Rights and Politics

      Among many things in America, that is growing in acceptance in society as a whole is gay marriage. I believe much like President Obama that all couples should be able to get married regardless of sexual orientation.  Why shouldn’t two people who love one another get married and have the same rights and laws and benefits as any heterosexual couple? They should and to deny them those rights and benefits is bullshit. Many believe that common law marriage is the way to go or anything but marriage, for marriage is defined they say by definition as being between a man and woman. This is crap too, for marriage is between two people who love one another regardless of gay or straight sexual preferences. It’s not the sex of the person that counts, it’s the love between the two that does and lasts. Personally I am straight and married to a great woman, but as my daughter would say, she is gay and married to a good woman too, and I say as long as love exists and they are happy they deserve the same rights and benefits as any married couple, period.

       I have always believed and still do to this day, that gays and lesbians are good people, and deserve to be recognized as the couples and lovers and families they are. To deny such rights and benefits is unconstitutional in my opinion. We all know it says all men are created equal, it should say all men and women are created equal too. But no one is perfect and that includes our Founding Fathers who wrote it all. Times have changed and so has the world and the country we live in, it is time women are given total equality and gay and lesbian couples too.

        As I told someone the other day and I shall say it again here, men do not control or rule the world, women allow us to think we do, but we don’t. The fact is any man who wants to live a good normal life and be something will listen and communicate with the women in their lives to get where they want to go, period. Behind every great man is indeed a great woman, who taught him how to be the man he is.

        Women were given the right to vote because they earned it, all races vote, all humans in America vote who are not felons of course if they register. Talking about voting the Presidential Election Cycle is now fully underway and there is no doubt who the candidates are now. I say to my fellow citizens of the United States, it is time to pick a President soon and listen to the debates and words of these two men, carefully, for only one can lead us out of the economic mess we are in, not two. We must pick the right one and make the country move forward, not backwards or stay stagnant.

        One last piece of advice for Americans and the Politicians who are running now for office this fall. If you fail to recognize that the election this fall, will be determined by the baby boom generation of the 1950s and 1960s who are now fully grown and in their 50s and 60s, then you deserve to lose. The men and women who were born in those decades will now decide the 2012 Elections, and if you take away the benefits we earned by working for them over our lifetimes, like Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security or Disability payments to Vets or anyone else, you will more than likely be seeing yourself non-Presidental for a long, long time. It is time that Independents show up at the polls come fall and the baby boomer generations of the 50s and 60s  too. Lets show up and show America we did learn from our parents and vote carefully and smartly and make America great once more.



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