Catholics/ Molestors, Hypocrisy!

Every now and then, there is not much to say about politics, except it exists and a race is on. Such is the case currently in the run for the White House this year.

     So with that said there are other things in the world to consider that politicians do not consider. For Instant lets discuss the Church, of course there are different denominations, so when I refer to church I am talking Catholic. The Catholic Religion and it’s churches and Priests and of course it’s Pope.

       The real thing to discuss is the hypocrisy that the church lives in daily with its Preists and Nuns and rules. It’s really something when you come to think, it took them decades alone to translate Mass from Latin to English. Then they tell  must attend their building every Sunday and on Religious Holidays to be a good parishioner, plus they pass a basket for money, crazy huh. Stop and look for yourself, Vatican City is rich, The Pope is carted around in fancy garbs and head dresses and driven in specially made carriages. The Vatican needs our money like we need to be broke.

       The hypocrisy of the Catholic church goes much deeper, when you stop to think how many of their priests are arrested for sexual molestation of children. Each day a priest somewhere is arrested or accused of such charges and no one stops them. The church when they find out hides them, and moves them to a new one, why? These priest need defrocked and disowned not forgiven and moved to a new location. And why won’t the church, allow women to become priests? I will never understand that one, besides women are much better at celibacy then men are. The Church is nothing more than an organization collecting money for preaching the bible, and building itself huger each day, on the pennies and nickles and dimes of its attendees.

      The hypocrisy of the Roman Catholic Church is known now throughout the world yet people blindly follow it because they only know the faith they were taught and given. Sadly, the church acts against abortions, it acts against things people need and have to have, In the end the church enforces its rules upon the attendees and if you don’t do it their way, it’s the highway so to say. They excommunicate you for not attending, or disagreeing with their ways and rules, sadly it is true. Why?

       The biggest sin I have ever seen in the Catholic Church is the fact their priests, molest some children and get away with it. The second is how they have grown adults who molest children in their churches that take communion every Sunday, and at home they are molesting their own children, but forgiven by the church for doing it each week.  This goes deeper than the church and it’s ways it is protecting sick human beings who do this stuff behind their mates back and get away with it, because they scare their kids into not saying a word. Or as I have seen myself and lived through I can show the damage of such a case and tell you it not only affects the man or woman doing the molestation, it affects the children it was done to in their adulthood, ruining them, and then gets passed down to their children and affects their marriages too. To stop it you have to get the molester out of the church and turn he or she in to the law. Yet, the molested won’t do it, because they will still love the parent who did it to them. Sad little circle isn’t it, I know of a case like this now, where a man walks free after molesting his children for their childhood to teen years and not a one of the four of them who had it done to them will say a word to officials. Fear is what this man used and he instilled it in his children so much, it ruined their lives too and affected their children. Sad isn’t it that the Church allows this to carry on and protects their priests and these molesters who come to their church every week, as good catholics.



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