Ever Wonder Why?

Every year, I watch certain programs on Television with my wife and we laugh through them and enjoy the mysteries and dramas and more. Then came in the contest shows and they were fine for a while, then the dating shows and Bachelor shows, but they all have one thing in common, they all have to end sometime.

       Coming to an end, are some shows we have loved for a long time, shows like The Closer, House is now coming to an end, and in the far flung past Mash went bye, bye too. Sadly none will ever match Mash for it’s conclusion, because it’s characters had character, eachand everyone of them. From Hawkeyes to BJ, to Hot Lips and Radar, and even Father Mullchay, Mash hit the hearts of the American public like no other show.

       In the old days television in the 1960s had some of the greatest programming ever. We had comedies like Mchales Navy, My Favorite Martian,Car 54 Where are You? and more. We had Mutual of Omahas Wild Kingdom, Disney and The Wonderful World of Color and more. Music ruled the Air Waves with American Bandstand and Soul Train. Motown was the biggest recording company around, the air tasted and smelled of newness and freshness then and life felt like it was begginning anew always.

      Every time I turn around another show gets cancelled or ends that I enjoyed and I can’t understand why. Shows I loved disappear as fast as they appear, ABC had Defying Gravity, it poofed in less than one season, why? It seems if the audience isn’t huge at the beggining the show won’t last, it’s all based on money of course and that sucks.

       Now House is leaving, Desperate Housewifes is going too, and these shows such as The Closer and more disappear off the screens of homes across America. America does need it’s hereos and villians as well as fun programs again, Seinfeld made us laugh till the end with subjects no one understood at first but shine bright since they aired, yet it too ended. The Fugitive, Combat, all programs in the 1960s that could come back if casted right.

         These days we get Survivor, Amazing Race, The Bachelor and Bachelorette and Losing Weight Shows and Dancing Contests. Then they throw in singing competitions like American Idol and The Voice and now X-Factor. Maybe one such show on the air at a time would work, but three will definitely overload our senses and the air waves and cause some of them to die. Too much of one thing and not enough of another is bad they say, and such is the case with these.

      At a time when America is going through it’s financial crisis and economic mess and we are hurting as a nation, television and it’s providers and companies that create shows should make television more entertaining not monotonious! I will always wonder why some of my favorite shows to see on television were ever cancelled, don’t you with yours? Ever Wonder Why?




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