History, Assassians, Wars and America

      History in America has many unusual things in it if you read it carefully. My interest has always been in the assassinations of Presidents and Political Figures. Why were they killed and we already believe we know by who.

       Motives are the question that should be asked  in American History the assassins seem to have no  concrete motives to kill the President or Political figures they did kill. Ever wonder why Booth killed Lincoln or Oswald killed Kennedy, or  Sirhan Sirhan killed Bobby Kennedy, or Ray shot Martin Luther King Jr.? Or why in Ancient History the romans killed Caesar or Cleopatra died a sudden death? Politics is why, and the voices that are raised in opposition or to make change get killed off by the established is why. Jesus was killed to stop his preaching of rules and laws and commandments no one understood. Each of these leaders got killed in their prime when their voices were clear, loud and attracting attention and distracting from a major opponents words and thoughts.

        Independent thinkers are killed off when their ideas and thoughts and words do not go with the majorities  wishes or interfere with the majorities ways. History shows that once a majority is flowing in one direction and one person tries to change that direction they get removed. Whether it is in anger, revenge, or for a political purpose it happens. Sadly, it doesn’t need to if people just communicate freely and above-board. Peaceful solutions are the best and longest lasting ones. We need more of them, not more violence and killing.

      Talking about killings and political problems, Afghanistan comes to mind every time. Someone please explain why America of all the countries in the world has to clean up their country and get our soldiers, sailors and Marines killed! It’s a senseless battle for position by sects that aren’t smart enough to run their own sect never mind a country. It’s an endless battle we fight to help a country that hates us being there, and would rather see us gone for what reason?

       Killing goes back to the olden days of yore so to say and no matter what the evil ones and the good ones die. Because in the end the good sacrifice themselves to stop the bad and we end up losing peaceful great leaders. Why?

        Sacrifice has been around forever in mankind’s world, and it is not worth it unless the principles and thoughts and ideas put forward are worth saving for all. Would we sacrifice ourselves for our children yes, for our country yes. for love yes, but why must we fight wars for someone else who doesn’t even give two damns about us as a country and people? 

       The killing of American military personnel in lands like Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Yemen or Africa is sad and worthless in the process of humanity. One nation can not keep sacrificing for other nations that care not if we do or don’t. I say to President Obama, Congress and Politicians all over America, bring our troops home, bring our weapons home and tools of war too. Spend the same time and money and effort you all spend protecting and defending and fixing and policing other nations, on fixing our economy, our job markets, the trade agreements that are killing us and Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare,Health Care.the Postal Service, and what helps America. We are not the police force for the world anymore, we have our own troubles here at home, it is time America fixes itself and lets other nations do the same for themselves too.


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