Lets Fix America !

The political race is on for four years in the White House, the battle is now engaged by both sides and about to step up and hit with force, in the American People’s faces. While President Obama and Romney will be going head to head, please stop and look at both of their views on certain issues: 1) Wars in Afghanistan and elsewhere, they need to be stopped and what is ours in forces and weapons need to come home. 2) Watch for who will save Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Veterans Benefits, these programs are the ones keeping many helpless, homeless and needy people alive and giving them a chance to. 3) Health Care– who has the better plan 4)  immigration Who will toughen the laws, but allow those here to stay in someway 5) Jobs, Who can really create jobs and bring back manufacturing and make our economy go forward 6) Who will change the Trade Agreements to a point where they favor America’s needs and our exports once more out shine and out measure our imports once more on the world market. 7) Who will step in and save the Postal Service that is needed by many millions across the USA to deliver our medications and things we depend on daily to survive. 8 ) Who has the better leadership skills period and will stand up for all Americans not just the rich or poor but all. 9) Who can reformat, reinvent the tax codes in the US to fit the current population and make it work, without raising them on the poor and middle class. We have no more to give Uncle Sam is bleeding out the poor and middle class to save the rich, wrong! 10) We saved big business and Wall Street and companies, now collect back what we loaned them as a country and lets use it for good works not bad.

       We also need to elect a congress that will support which ever man we elect as President. You can’t give the throne to one man and then put his opposition into check and balance him and expect him to be able to accomplish much, it’s like blockading a country, you can’t work around it well.

       As a country we screwed up by electing a Democrat as President and a congress full of Republicans to checkmate him. What we got was a blockade that stopped anything real from being accomplished and it is the American people’s fault now. Lets clean it up and make whoever is in the White House have a supporting cast to accomplish what needs to be done.



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