The Avengers A Comic Fans Movie!

     Movies, movies, movies! I am not rich nor do I get a chance to go to a movie often, yet, after waiting for a long time, a movie I waited on finally came out, The Avengers by Marvel and Disney Studios.

       As a child and boy I grew up buying comic books about these characters and teams, such as the Avengers, The Fantastic Four, The X-Men, and then the DC comics side too, such as Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, and yes even Wonder Woman. It was the art work that drew me in and then the stories as they got better over time. Even Spiderman was fun and different in a world full of pain and no pleasure they brought hope to mine.

        I am glad that Stan Lee who created these superheroes, allowed people to finally make movies out of them, and create a world of fantasy, fighting and joining and getting along on-screen. He stuck to his guts and told the Studios and Producers to do the characters his way as they were in his books and wham the hits began hitting the big screens. Spiderman, The Hulk, The Fantastic Four, The Silver Surfer, Iron Man and now The Avengers. The characters in the books stayed for all time as Stan Lee and Kirby made them. And I hope they will on-screen too, for the characters are loved by so many of the baby boom generation and their offsprings they deserve to be given the right production and way on the screen. The Avengers brings a cast of characters to the screen that needs little improvement at all, and is fun to watch, including the villains and beasts and armies. It’s all a fun time at the movies if you go, the intensive fight scenes, the teamwork and the way it all goes leads you to believe in teamwork and heroes, right down to Nick Fury!

      If you like excitement, a plot, a story to follow and great graphics and three-D affects The Avengers is a film to see. If you were a comic book fan as a child and want to see them come to life on the big screen and cheer and laugh and enjoy, then The Avengers is a movie for you!



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