Preparing for That Time!

     Thursday has begun once more and again another week is getting near its end, it seems folks, time flies by no matter how hard we try to change it or stop it, we all get older. The aging trap is something no one can escape it happens to all humans period.

      I admire people who age and realize it and do not let it affect the way they live. They still get up and enjoy their day by doing what they love in everyday. Some go walking, some do art and writing and yet others still do gardening and woodworking and more. The longer you do what you love to do, I believe the longer you will live. Broaden your loves and likes and find the thing that makes you feel whole and alive and grasp on and keep it in you and with you.

        Exercise is good too for all getting older as is taking some vitamins and supplements, but don’t over due, take only what is recommended by a Doctor for you. Watch the weight and posture, don’t sit and slump, move and have fun. It seems the ones who stay active live longest unless struck down by illness or disease.

       Live each day  like it is your last, have fun, do it well and don’t do it fast!. Enjoy it while you are here folks, for all  us know our days will come, for we are human. Prepare for that day by making a will and letting your thoughts be known for when you die. Don’t let yourself end up on Potters Hill or in an unmarked grave forgotten forever. You owe that much to your family, your loved ones and your friends.  Not to mention yourself and your own self-respect, believe me, for we all want remembered by someone after we are gone.

       Coffins and services go up in price and not all can afford such things. Personally, I do not want a Wake or Funeral, nor a religious ceromony. As we grow older, prices are getting more and more expensive to bury someone . I want to be buried at sea where I served for 12 of my 16 years as a U.S. Sailor who was Honorably Discharged. I want The Navy and one of their War  Ships, to take my ashes after cremation, to sea and dump them in the ocean off of my favorite port of call, Peru. No I am not  South American, I am an all American of Canadian French and Scottish decent, yet Peru is the most beautiful country and the people the best in the world and the waters are clear and clean there and I know I will rest in Peace. I also know The Navy will present a Flag to the survivor of my choice to remember me with and that is all I can ask as a man, a person and a human being. God Bless and I hope all can make a decision for themselves before their time comes too, that way you keep the burden off your children your wife or husband and friends too.


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