Children of the Future !

     Certain things in life we don’t go broadcasting all over the world or to friends or family. We don’t all brag about our sexual conquests, we don’t all brag where we get our money from and we don’t all brag every time we win or lose. But we all brag eventually about surviving and our children. Life is built around survival and the children or off-spring we have and how they impress us, with simple things at first then with more complicated ones and achievements. We all want to see our children do good and become able to survive, do better than we did and achieve their dreams. It is what makes a family a family no matter what. It’s that need of parents to see your children do good and the child’s need for parents approval.

       Yet across the world children go loveless, hungry, homeless and more, They get sexually molested and used and abused and more. Some are sold into slavery, some are killed in wars and by mentally ill parents, why, the child did not ask for what they got, nor did they ask to come into the world, did they? Nope two adults got together and created you and me and all children in the world no matter what color,race, creed, nationality, it’s all the same. A child is a child and should be protected and allowed to grow up and become who they should be, by someone watching out for them, teaching them and feeding and clothing them and providing for them period. Too many people have children out-of-wedlock or by accident, and can’t take care of them either, so they abandon them, or leave them on a step, some even kill them, or toss them into the streets. Sadly, we then wonder, how come that person is not normal, well no one taught them to be is why?

       I don’t care if your white, black, yellow, brown, or any other color or nationality, you know what I am saying is right! Children are the future of the world and nothing else matters. They will lead us in the future, they will invent, innovate and motivate each other and interact and make the world a better place for all. They will come up with inventions, medical knowledge, ways to politically conquer the world and lead others to a better place, Protect your children, raise them with respect, caring and love and teach them as the United States Declaration says, All Men are Created Equal! For in the end we all laugh, we all cry, we all get anger and we all sigh,we all bleed and our blood is red, it doesn’t matter what color or the hair on our head. Humanity my friends is one race and we all belong to it, just look and study each others face! The  children of the world is what it is all about, we must protect them and care for them, teach them equality, and respect and in the end we shall find a world of peace and hope and a bright new future!



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