Two Kennedys, One King Jr. . and More!

      Assassinations, they happened in big numbers in the 1960’s in America! We all know of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., and Robert Kennedy too, but do we know how many of these great leaders were killed by conspiracies, to stop their climbs to the stop or their movements? We do now and shall forever more.

       John Kennedy was not killed by a lone assassin nor was Robert or Martin, they were killed by conspiracies that rocked America and the world. Taken down by bullets of more than one person’s involvement and two out of the three by more than one shooter. Why, simple, the people found these men leaders who they could follow to better the world and others found them radicals they couldn’t believe in or threats to their things happening. That is the purpose of these things, Assassins are meant to stop movements and people from becoming too big, and their followings too.

       Recently a woman has come forth in The Robert Kennedy assassination and said it more than once there were more than 8 shots fired in the kitchen in LA that day in 1968. She was there, she was an eye-witness who saw and heard the shots, the tape reveals she is telling the truth for 13 shots are heard on the only audio tape of the moment. Like his brother before him Robert Kennedy had a vision for America and a want to clean it up and take out corruption too. He was shot to prevent him from running rapid over crime and it’s organizations as well as to stop his rise to the Presidency.  Sad isn’t it how Americans kill the leaders that are doing good because they fear them. History has many examples of it too.

      James Garfield shot and died, from not the right medical treatment, Abraham Lincoln shot by Booth, Kennedy shot by Oswald they say, but really shot by at least three shooters, Martin Luther King Jr. a man preaching peace and justice and freedom, shot by a crazy man, who did not work alone, and then Robert Kennedy shot by Sirhan Sirhan and another in the kitchen in LA in 1968. Victims of believing they could make a difference in America and in the world shot down by extremists and people with different platforms to advance.

         In the 1970’s investigations were the thing to do in these cases, and  committees and commissions did them. Each time the murders of the two Kennedy Brothers and Martin Luther King Jr. are opened and reviewed the conclusion is the same conspiracies existed to stop these men from getting power in America and the world , sad isn’t it? I mean we grow the leaders, we help them become the leaders they are and then when they get so big they look like they can make a difference someone comes along and kills them all. You can blame Organized crime, lone nuts, crazy people, or you can look at the logic behind it and see, all of these men were feared for the places they could take America and the world for the positions they represented, by people involved in positions for the opposition, yes it is covered up and hidden, but no one assassinates anyone without a reason, it just doesn’t happen that way.

       The Kennedy Assassination and parts of its paper work and files and more are still sealed in Washington and  I am talking John’s death, till at least 2030 or further. When people ask for the information they get redacted documents hiding information, why?  The bottom line is the Government is withholding this information on the grounds it will expose the lack of effort to find the real killers and who really did it.

       Protect us yes, hide the truth and the facts no, we need a new set of lawmakers who can stand up in Washington, and get the information released and the truth told to all Americans and the World, the only way to save America’s future is not to hide its past mistakes and nuts, but to reveal it all and prevent it all from happening again!


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