Writing and Programs!

     Writing is a past time for me and I like to do it you see. It is like therapy for a mind stressed out or filled with nightmares and depression. A way to make statements to tell stories and events that happened in real life but change the names and places so no one gets hurt. Yet writing as much fun as it may be to relieve these things for people, it is also an art I am not great at. I try to, I try to I come up short sometimes, or make spelling or grammar errors or the story line is too boring or I repeat things. I have been working on the problems but I find there may not be too many writing places online that  have proper programs to post it all on the Internet with. They are faulty in different ways, no grammar checking, no spell checking, you have to align everything just right to make it work or it looks disjointed or messy or doesn’t line up right. It’s a slow painful process to put a decent story or book online these days.

       Microsoft‘s  Word allows me to set margins, indent, check grammar and spelling, and save as needed till I am ready to go on or end. Yet other programs do that too, but not as good as Word for me.  Each time you write a rant, a rave, a poem, a story or any other thing online including this blog you have to check it all out before you post it or it will never be read or understood if it is.

        Blogs are meant for different subjects and reasons and voices are heard worldwide in many languages and styles. Every nation, culture, race, color or nationality has bloggers today and that is vital to world communication and education. Bloggers today discuss the subjects that affect the world, their nations. politics and much more. That is the purpose of such an exercise and writing, to express what you feel or disagree with, or like, or hate in the written word and get it off your chest so to say, it does work folks.

       But serious writers, try to flesh out characters, locations, and more in stories, details are in the works so to say. I am learning as a writer not all my works are good or even worth reading, but I attempt anyway because I want to, number 1 and number two, because I believe somewhere out there is someone who will understand what I write and like it. All I can do is hope they come up with better writing programs to smooth it all out, help with grammar, dictionaries and formats and more. I try, Lord I try to tell my stories, poems, raves and rants, but sometimes unlike most writers I trip over words and make mistakes. But the ideas, the thoughts, the verses and more get out there and seem to hit some in the mind and heart. Thank God!

My online Works ae Assemble on WattPad.com




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