I Hate Spammers and Spam!

This morning I came to do a blog, who knows what it would be about, but the subject hit me, when I opened my blog page to write. SPAM!

       The internet was invented to exchange information, help each other and go worldwide, to educate and entertain. SO why do people SPAM blog pages and sites and attach their sites that have nothing to do with yours to yours? Jealousy, incompetence,attitudes, or they are just being total assholes. Why bother what someone else built and ruin it when you can build your own and enjoy it, simple laziness!

       The ignorance of people online in this world is amazing! As is the brilliance of others, but what gets me is why attack what you know nothing about, or a person you have no idea who they are? Stupidity, Hate, Discontent, Anger, what?

        It happens in all countries, all colors all nationalities, hate,anger, fear,pain,discontent, rules people who have no business bothering others but do so for the heck of it. Sadly this is world-wide, Spamming others and it shouldn’t happen the internet has so much room and flow and information, you can do whatever you want on your own. I don’t want to open my blog page to write my blog and find spam comments from sex sites, or spam for commercials, or anything else. I want to keep my blog clean and healthy and helpful if I can to the American People and the world. So why do people Spam I will be damn if I know, but I do know one thing it sucks, and it’s ignorant to do so!

       The internet allows you access to information, entertainment, games, libraries, pictures and history. To learn  lessons and jokes and conversations with others. It brings together people world-wide and happy in many ways as they smile thru it all, until SPAM shows up and ruins it all. Then we get Malware, viruses, and trojans and more floating around in the internet world, because people decided well we want to ruin it all for everyone including ourselves. Sad isn’t it, reminds me of Dictators  who have it all in their countries yet want more and attack the people or don’t listen, a  real pain in the ass!

       Sadly America and the world are going to face attackers and spammers and viruses and malware and more, because people get jealous, they get angry, they get upset over words and rants and raves and stories and poems and more and try to destroy what they can in anger. Sadly, maybe you should do one of two things, you spammers and haters, 1) change the web page your on if you don’t like it, or two get the hell off the internet and let it run and build information needed by billions. Stop messing with people’s builds, blogs, web pages and the information, or putting up X_Rated bullshit and ruining it for all. Stop!



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