What American’s Need!

      In American Society all is accepted mostly, but, some say a racial divide still separates up all. They say a line is drawn between the caucasian and african american and hispanic communities on different levels. If so please tell me why so many mixed couples walk the lands of America?

      Color, race, nationality, or any other difference should not divide Americans at all. You may disagree with me, but, no matter what country you go to in the world, these problems still persist. Yet, in America we live with it and each of us, no matter, white, black, or brown tend to segregate ourselves by neighborhood and who we are with. The color line was broken decades ago and it should have never existed in my mind. Color means nothing to me, not color, nationality, not race, or ethics but morals do to all. And they are what a society is built upon, not hatred and anger.

       Some have a problem with accepting each race into their lives and families or neighborhoods. Personally I don’t care what color you are, I do care how you and your family and children treat mine. Equal treatment for all and peaceful living is what is needed in America not racial wars and fights. Crime does cross over this line, due to ignorance, and hatred, but the ones who do so are ignorant and stupid. America does not need a racial war between blacks, whites and Hispanics and even Orientals, what we need is to keep the melting pot together learn from and accept each other and the cultures embedded in us all.

      I tire of the Reverend Sharpton and Jackson and so many others standing tall and asking for blacks to fight back.  Or white people like Rush Limbaugh standing up and pointing fingers at blacks or hispanics or any other race and calling them names or prejudice and discriminating. That is all crap and it just stirs the fears of each race up and causes the friction between them, when there really is none.

        Race is a problem in America because Caucasians created the problem by forcing african americans to come to america as slaves and that eneded decades ago.That ended decades ago now and we now under law are all created equal no matter race, color, creed or nationality. Lets stick with our constitution and make sure we do and all live in peace. We are all Americans we all bleed, we all hunger, we all want and we all love and hate. Lets do so in freedom, but together not in pieces or through divisions.

        When I was a little white caucasian boy in a project in the north end of the city I grew up in  I learned this. I was outside as a tyke catching bees in a jar in my backyard and missed one. When I did the yellow jacket got angry and stung me in the palm of my hand and I cried. Next door to us was a nice african american woman who loved children and she came rushing out and looked at my hand. She put a mud pack on me and pulled the stinger out and put a band-aid on it. Her name was Mrs.  Corey and she had two kids who were great too, one boy and one girl. We had all kinds of neighbors in that neighborhood and it didn’t matter, we all grew up and survived just fine.

      We don’t need hate speakers to anger anyone, we don’t need discrimination, predijuce, or any other problems to separate the american people. What we need is unity to better the nation, better all and the world.



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