The Fight for Survival of America’s Middle and Lower Classes

      The fight for the survival of America’s Middle Class and it’s working force has begun. The Presidential Race of 2012, will indeed, tell us if America’s lower class and middle class will survive for the future. We the people must decide now who is to win the most powerful position in American History and the Worlds, too. The American Presidency deserves to be filled with a man who has the knowledge and ability to make good decisions not for themselves, but for the people.

     The stance of President Obama, versus the stance of Romney is what will decide the November Election on November 6th. I just hope the American people have enough sense to stick with what we have and not trade positions!

       Before you vote come November think, and think hard, the Children of the fifties and sixties need to control the outcome of this election. We need to save the Postal Service, Medicare,  and Social Security we have all paid into the last two and there is no reason for the Postal Service to go either.

        Yes the Economy is the priority and Obama has worked his ass off trying to fix it to be opposed by his rivals in the Senate and House. If we reelect President Obama and change the outcome in Congress and give his one he can work with, the country will turn around. The blockade in Congress has to be broken to let Obama find ideas that will work.Manufacturing is beginning a comeback now, and the housing market is low, but in the end you can’t improve a bad thing like our economy is, without having support.

       The Republicans borrow from Social Security, want to kill Medicaid and Medicare and would let the Postal System die if they could. But none of that helps the American Economy or the job market does it. Manufacturing coming back will do it if you allow the democrats to win this fall. This country was built on hard work and the american blue-collar people, we need to put them back to work. We need more factories, more Manufacturing, more innovation and inventions and tax breaks to bring the big companies back to the USA. 

We need the trade agreements rewritten and improved to increase our exports over our imports and to stabilize the housing market to turn it around. We can’t sit dead in the water as a country as the bickering, blockading and bullshit continues to harm our country and way of life.

       Save Social Security, Save Medicaid and Medicare and Save the United States Postal Service. Create jobs, give tax breaks to companies to stay in this country and  correct the Trade Agreements now. We need a better America not a weaker one, leave the Military alone too, it has to keep protecting us, don’t send them to other lands and ask them to police there, just keep them here and use that money at home. That alone will help America come back!



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