America’s Needs and Choices 11/2012

      Across America the race is on for the White House in November of 2012. The Incumbant President Barrack Obama should be and is favored to beat his challenger Williard Mitt Romney the Republican. Hopefully if America has any common sense and intelligence left, they will choose the best of the two and while they are at it, back it with a Senate and house full of people in the same party. This stalemate and log-jam in Washington is killing any hope of bettering the economy and the United States.

      Personally speaking I will back whatever candidate can put a stop to borrowing from Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare and save these benefitial programs for the people in the future. The one that can find a way to reinstill funds and make these programs last will be the President in Hanuary 2013, of this I have no doubt.

       The candidate who can come out with a way to give tax breaks to manufacturers and companys that produce jobs and help raise our exports over, imports will win too.  Jobs and the Economy stupids you get it yet, like Bill Clinton was told it’s the economy.

          No more wars, no more fighting middle east battles or battles across the globe we can’t win, or can turn into morasses that weigh us downa nd eat up money and weapons and military personell, please. We don’t belong in Iraq, Afganistan, or any Middle East country fighting wars, or policing Nations that care not about us and will stab us in the back as soon as they can. Wake up in Washington, the bell shall toll for thos epoliticians who voted for wars, who voted for American involvements without help or for policing actions. Americans are tired and that includes the American Military too. They will go where the President says of course for he is their Commander in Chief, but stop please, these people men and women are human and can only take so much, the time to rest the troops and stop their battles is now. Too many suicides, too many PTSD cases, too many injuried or dead military personell who gave their health and lives for what, to police other nations to take down dictators in countries that will only regrow a new one. We need to stop now and save all the time, effort and money for inproving America’s Economy, America’s job market, housing market and our status in the world. Wake up Washington Please!

      The battle that is needed to be won, is hear at home now, not overseas in a war or policing zone in the middle east. We always support our Allies, but, in the end many of them turn on us and we end up with the short end of the stick for our efforts. The time now is to, stop overstretching our borders and flexing our muscles and to realize it is hurting us as a country to do so.

        Come November on Election Day, American’s need to find which man and his partner, will be able to find the ways to keep us out of wars, save those funds at home, increase jobs, improve the economy, educate our children and in the end, increase exports over imports once more and change the current Trade Agreement so they help America not the World anymore. We need a President who can stand up and say no more will America, send help easily, no more will America be babysitting and policing the world. We need an American President who can stand up and say, Yes I will save Social Security and Medicad and Medicare. Yes, we need a real Leader who can lead and isn’t afraid of stepping on toes to make America strong again and resilent. So Americans make a choice, whether Obama or Romney and which one you believe can solve America’s biggest problems without, letting the world kill us more.



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