Want it Folks, Want it All !

      There are joys in life that are simple and pure and each of see them, live them and know it for sure. First loves always big in anyone’s life. First Graduation, First bike ride, and so on. The first time you find something you love and keep doing it. These are all things important to our growing up.

      For me they weren’t simple to find, I was too busy being a smart ass and wanting attention and getting the wrong kind. But everything always took longer for me, I was born with some serious medical problems, I had one hundred and ninety-nine seizures in my first nine months of life, till my older brother pulled my tray from my high chair and I went head first to the floor. Then they finally stopped, funny how that happens taint it and no Doctor can tell me why.

      Reading became a love of mine at a very young age, I would and still read comic books even at 56 years old. The stories are from imaginations and so are the characters in the books. But it is always fun reading them, I graduated from comics to science and microscopes for a few years till I got bored and headed to the woods to check out turtles and frogs and such. I was always a loner but, I always found something to lose myself in and not get involved with trouble at least.

        Today, my hobbies are gardening in the warm weather, computers, video games, writing and yes, still reading. Half of life’s pleasure is doing what you love and being with whom you love the other half is attaining what counts best to you. You can’t be anyone else but yourself, me I love reading, writing, science, nature and it makes me happy. I write and write when I can letting stories, poems, rants and raves fly onto my computer screen and on web sites. My poems are of loves, and my stories can range from mysteries, to Sci-Fi, even into love. But one thing I know no matter who may or may not read them, they are my way of getting things out I need to for therapy and to help myself deal with other things.

        I was born actually with Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactive, so I started from a deficit in the first place between the seizures and this. I have come a long way though. I went on to become a sailor for 16 years, a father of two daughters, a writer and reader and more. I graduated Elementary School, got a Ged Diploma for High School and went on to become the only one of my mother’s children to ever graduate college, getting a degree in Hotel Management at age 40.  No one else did what I have done and overcome so well, how do I do it I don’t know, but I did.

      The point is, no matter who you are, where you are, your circumstances, or in your life, there is always an way to get somewhere and be someone, all you have to do is want it bad enough. Want it folks and sooner or later you will find a way to get it, or get where you want to go.


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