10 Silly Stupid Things/ Life!

      Funny little things people don’t realize or see, are what sometimes can bother you or me, or at least make us laugh or cry. They happen on television, or in real life situations, or by accident but they do happen don’t they?

       1) Ever stop at a convience store to use the rest room?  A man runs in yelling where is the men’s room and holds himself, a woman walks in where’s the ladies room and doesn’t even cross her legs, why is that?

       2) A woman can shop till they drop no matter how tired she is as long as she likes the sale items, a man wants to go get what they want and get the hell out?

   3)   Women mature at younger ages than men, period! It’s a fact of nature and humanity, that’s why they notice boys, before boys notice girls, hormones and fermones.

   4)  Men think they rule the world, when in fact women do, even in America. Ask President Obama who his boss is, his wife! Ask any married man or one in a relationship who the boss is they say themselves, put the ring on and the woman controls!

     5) Politics, ever notice during primaries, politicians will change and say whatever to get your vote, but once elected they can’t give what they promised? Happens every four years doesn’t it?

     6) Everyday I see CNN and newscasts across America, the economy is getting better, gas is coming down and houses are getting worth more! Reality nothing changes we are losing jobs, house prices are going down  and companies are going out of business. Just ask JC Penny, Macy’s Sears, and many more now! Why do they lie to us so?

      7) Video games are good for your children and great for fun! Bullshit, they get violent, teach killing and make our children fat and lazy. Notice that at all?

      8) The Catholic and other churches preach one thing and do another, they molest children, hide the ones who do it and preach not to. Why is that?

     9) How come when a woman gains weight and goes out of shape a man is not allowed to call her overweight or fat? Yet when a man gets over weight we get your too big, rfat, you got a pot belly, etc?

  10) How come women can buy thousand of dollars worth of shoes to match almost every outfit they buy, but when a husband wants a toy or a tool he has to beg for it?

     These are just ten of the silly things one can find in an American town or marriage or life. Silly they may be, we all live with them and laugh and cry over them all and carry-on. Life shall not stop for us, no matter what goes on in the world, but, neither will silly, stupid things either!




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