Spring, Health, Weight

      Spring has sprung and families and couples will be going to Fairs, Flea Markets and The Big E in Mass. as well as  Amusement Parks like Lake Compounds and Quassapog. Amusement parks with rides and games to play outdoors and picnic areas and more.  What I say is enjoy if you can, including swimming when it starts, just be careful and watchful of your own and others and play safe.

       Spring brings flowers and blooms,it brings gardening and picnicking and rides and fishing and camping and yes even hiking. For some it is just a good time to play ball in the park and have fun that way, or run your mile or two to stay in shape. Whatever you do, do it safely is all I say.

       People run or play ball in the heat without having water to drink or salt if the sweat. They get symptoms of heat exhaustion, and stress and bam they go down with heart conditions, please be careful folks, spring, summer and fall is play time, but all in moderation is what we say and do.

      Health is a factor in all we can do, if you can’t run, swim, play ball, hike or fish, try walking. Walking will keep you breathing well, your muscles toned and help you maintain that big problem of weight gain. Walk a little at a time and build it up over time. do a block one day and add a block each day if ya can. But do it slowly and you will get the benefits of it, do it too fast and you can hurt yourself. It’s all in how it is done.

       Our diets change in the spring and summer too. We all tend to go for the hamburger and fries bit or hot dogs and chips and milkshakes and sodas. Try to stop or keep these down to once a week or better yet once a month. The more sugar you put in the better the chance of diabetes or weight gain, and the burgers and fries bit raises your carbohydrate levels adding to your weight problems. Go fruit, vegetables, juices and water  as much as possible, stay hydrated, eat fresh and then have fun.

      Way a person hurts their body is simply by not exercising at all, not eating right and the third thing is not moving at all. Sadly, people become over weight and lazy, playing computer games, console games, and staring at TVs all day and night. When I was growing up my parents said no tv till after supper and homework. We had no X-box. Playstation 3, Atari or computers, we were given a bat, a ball, a doll carriage,and outdoor things like bikes. As my Parents said eat in moderation, eat as healthy as you can, stay as active as you can and leave the guilty pleasures for the moments when all work is done.


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