Gardening Time has Arrived!

      Ladies and Gentlemen, the weather outside here is beautiful, the temperatures, sun and fresh air just right, get off your duff and get outside and have some fun if you can, is what I say.

       I spent about 6 hours yesterday between raking out an area, stone outlining it and weed blocking it, and then planting  day lillies across it and mulching it. When done it went from a weed infested mess to a clean, nicely mulched flower,filled garden that looks decent and matches the rest. I spend maybe an hour or two a day just outside going from garden to garden watering plants now in the ground and gardens created by me and my wife. The beauty of it is clear when seen and we try to keep all alive as long as humanly possible in the summer till fall at least. The colors bloom yearly, yellows and pinks and purples, and more, the bushes stand tall and look good and in the end even the trees we planted, the seven hemlocks are growing well each year.

        My next project is actually out front of my home, the prior owners years ago planted small spruce trees by my garage, well they are dying slowly, so they must be pulled. I am going to get them replaced by small aborvianies which are a different kind of pine tree that can be shaped each year to where and what size you want them to be. Gardening these days in my retirement days, has become a past time and hobby and  almost anything I plant seems to grow.

       We have all kinds of flowers now, daffodils, Hydrangea, Pansies,Roses, of many shapes and colors from deep red to pink, bushes of them and even climbing roses growing. Even a Japanese Maple Tree we added. Then a dogwood with white flowers, azaleas, and more.

       Half the fun is waking up each morning and being able to slowly walk around the property and just look at the true and beautiful colors in the plants and land we own. It is peaceful, pleasant and relaxing, and so is the process of planting and watering and feeding them. So as they say in retirement land when you get there. relax , go slow and enjoy you have earned it, I know I did after 16 years of military service and PTSD and herniated discs and more. But God Bless the USA, it does take care of us Veterans so we can find hobbies and enjoyments in our older days.

      I would recommend Gardening, of any kind to anyone who wants to relax, have fun, build and look back at what they did, later.Gardening days can be peaceful and pleasant and be shared by any couple for fun. Enjoy!



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