Dick Clark’s Place in Heaven

      Icons, Famous people they say die in threes, and 2012 has already seen two go with the deaths of Whitney Houston and now a bigger Legend and Icon in Dick Clark, a Producer, Host, and man of Music and Dance fame with American Idol and more.

         Wether it is true they go in threes I have no idea or proof, but if they do, then who would be next I have no idea. But the sadness about these famous people dying is America is not creating and encouraging enough kids today to be the same way. To be shakers, changers, creators and minds that help the world, we need you if your out there.  Not only does America need such people so does the world over all, for the great ones, change history and life in different parts of the world to make it a better world for all.

      Dick Clark like Whitney Houston will live forever in the minds and hearts of generations of americans who sat and watched his Bandstand, or his New Year’s Eve with Dick Clark each year. His introduction of Motown to public Television and the world was a force in the 1960s and will live forever for Motown shall never die either. Music no matter type, color, race, style, brings together all people and Dick Clark proved that with Bandstand, putting African Americans, Hispanics, Caucasians and all on his Bandstand and letting them enjoy the tunes and dance. His Iconic mind and thoughts united humanity and all races in America, making us a better nation and leading country.

       Over my lifetime, American heros, Idols, Icons and more have died. I could list them but I could never remember all of them. Each meant a different thing to me, and in Dick Clark’s case it was music, dance and fun. But Dick Clark promoted and defended and loved Television and it’s ability to entertain and educate. Thank God he choose the professions he did, for his work brought joy to billions.

        Television from the days I grew up, in the 1960’s, had some of the greatest shows ever on. We had Mutual of Omaha and Disney World, McHale’s Navy, My Favorite Martian, Mr. Ed, My Mother the Car, 77 Sunset Strip, Charlie’s Angels, Combat, Rat Patrol, and many more entertaining and fun-filled shows ranging from comedy to drama and more. We had Variety hours run by the best in the business, Dean Martin, Jackie Gleason, Red Skeleton,Ed Sullivan, these people believed in really entertaining for the money they were paid.

       Among those greats now, joins in Dick Clark to emcee the greatest assemblage of stars in Music, Hollywood, and more in Heaven. I can see Dick now standing by some of the greats who died before him and still entertaining, interviewing and laughing in Heaven. Rest in Peace Dick Clark, and may you put together one heck of a show in heaven and have a good after life.



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