My Religious Thoughts/ My Beliefs

      I received a comment today on a piece I wrote about Jesus and The Bible, claiming I only skirted the issue and know very little about religion or Jesus Christ. I never said I was an authority on this subject, just that I was expressing my views on it and why I chose not to be dedicated to it or attend church on a weekly basis or even holidays of the church. I find it interesting that a reader would send a comment such as the one, I got. It means to me, that someone was reading and it hit a sore spot in their beliefs and they decided to comment. Good for you!

       As I said before and I shall say again, religion is a choice, some choose to follow and dedicate themselves to and others do not. Religion to me is not the full commitment to a church or a certain religion, it is an internal belief you carry with you daily in your heart, mind and soul. ,yet you do not need a Paster, a Preacher, a Priest to tell you to believe, or to give penance or how to pray. Nor do you have to pay for a religion to build a church, please read your own Bibles if you think I am wrong, one of the first things it does say is, God sees and hears all, no matter where you are!

      Jesus is a figure in time, who was made into a Savior by the Disciples surrounding him and believing in the way he lived and wanted to live. Yet research will show you the man in mortal form had his own faults just like me and you. His story resounds the way it does, because of the portrayal put into pictures and words, not because it is the truth. If you create a church and want a pack of people to follow you, you must have a strong symbol they can worship and believe in.

        The Bible itself, with each chapter and verse is a long tale of creation, exodus, and saving. Each chapter or book is written by a different man, a human being, the imperfections of it can be found if you study it closely. Now I can not say if the events, people or places and times are correct, but I can say this, as a writer and story-teller it is easy to see how the story could be handed down generation to generation to get it completed and accepted by churches world-wide.  Ever wonder how or why we have two versions alone just in the Christian Faith, never mind what the Muslims have and believe, or the Hindus, or the Jews. Why is that so, and where did they all come from? So many stories are written on Jesus, and the times of his life. The stories alone of the creation of the world and the powers it took to create it, well, you can see what I am getting to.

       To the person or persons who made their comment on what I wrote I give you this as my answer, I lived the Catholic Faith from birth to the age of 12 years old. I was baptised, I made my Communion, and Confirmation and went to Sunday School and read my bible many times over. Religion is still a choice, not a forced item in world and American culture. We choose what we believe because it is indeed a constitutional right in America. I tire of people who believe and then force their religion on others or attempt to do so, it is wrong. So please don’t come in my direction telling me I don’t understand religion, Jesus or the Bible, because I do very well. Step back yourself and question your own beliefs and make sure you are right enough to believe them yourself, before you try to force them on another.

       The Catholic Church and many other Religions do not allow women Priest or Paster and that in and of itself is wrong also in my book. Mother Mary could have preached and I believe had her own book for the bible which the Catholic Church disallowed in theirs. Sadly, the simple act of not allowing female Priests or Preachers is wrong, for God Created all Men Equal and that includes women.

         Yes I know there are many different Religions, many different beliefs, all I ask is a right to choose what I want to believe in and not be forced to believe in something I don’t. I also reserve and protect my freedom of speech, whether in the verbal sense or written sense thank you. I shall write, talk and live free, in the Land of The Free !.

      One more note before I end, The Churches of the WOrld are hypocrital, in many ways, and childrena nd young adults have been molested and sexually abused by Priests, Preacher and more world over. They take the one with the accussations against them and swap them from one church to anothe rto hide them, but it doesn’t stop the abuse and molestations.  So if the Chjurch no matter what Religion, does not allow female Priests or Preachers, does not stop the sexual abuse and molestations of children and young adults that happens daily, why should i go to a hypocrital organization totpractice my faith or beliefs when I don’t believe in what it is doing itself.



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