The Writing Bug!

Each day I wonder what subject to cover in my blog, or what story or poem to write. How does one decide what to put in writing and tell the world or private friends or family?  You don’t want your life explained or examined by strangers or anyone else, so you tend to stay with subjects meant for the public to  read and care about.

       I have covered so many subjects on my blog from Politics, Republican primaries, Democratic too, and benefits that will affect the whole senior population over 50 in the United States. Items such as will Social Security be there for those who paid into it, or will it be all borrowed out? Will Medicaid and Medicare still be there, or will they be phased out by the rich so the poor have nothing left to lean on?

       I have covered the Death of a Diva in Whitney Houston, who all now know died a cocaine related death in a bathtub at age 48. The sad loss of such a talented person hits us everyday, in many ways and each of us is affected a little differently.

       Doctors fighting Cancer, illnesses, and more I have written about. I did a story called The Disease which deals with the rising rate of cancer among people in the USA and how it has affected my life and my beliefs and my way of thinking.

       My stories range of love, and death, and Naval life, but the biggest stories I have ever told are family stories the stories of parents gone wrong, children in pain and survivors.

        My poems have ranges the same breath and width of the human soul, from love, to lust, to health and to death, yet I still fight a subject and write as much as I can, hoping humanity will experience and understand what I say and enjoy some of it. Am I wrong for doing so, I doubt it and i don’t tend to use language that can disturb or upset people I write in plain American English is all.

        The hardest part for any story-teller, poem teller or blog writer, is to flesh out what you write about to show the emotions, fears and cares of the people you write on and the scenes have to be vivid and catching too. The subjects can range of course but we all know, what the audience really wants is something to catch their mind and grab them and carry them through the story so they can look at family and friends and show them or repeat it themselves.

       Doris Kearns Goodwin does that, Robert Ludlum did that when he was alive, and Jack London did it also in the early 1900s. Writing such as Poe gave us poems that hit the soul and make us think, Shakespeare wrote so many plays he is never forgotten. Singers and writers write songs of stories and songs of love, they may range from rock and roll to country to even classical, but they still write and pass it all on.

       America’s past and its future is built on writers and the stories, ideas and poems and songs they write. It is a country that learns lessons from the written, sung and spoken words. In the end it can be the writers of all kinds that can bring the world to  peace or destruction by what they write and show to all of us. Writers carry a large responsibility as well as the respect of many in the world. We all look for the items written that touch our souls, hearts and minds and we find them written by people who are in the end human in every way. That is what is called the writing bug that bites many humans in the world.


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