NFL Players Sueing?

      Today I read an article concerning NFL Veterans who made millions from the league and teams , suing the NFL over head concussion injuries. I found it interesting that players who went to college, are educated and with degrees of many kinds, decided the employer, The National Football League is at fault for not doing all it can to protect its players. Why blame the NFL?

        With all due respect to the Player’s Association of the National Football League, and The Union, you can’t hold The NFL accountable for these head injuries like Alex Karras‘s or any other players. These men who grew up playing football from their childhood days on parks and fields, and then through elementary School, High School and College, then choose to play Professional Football to make millions, are at fault themselves. You can’t blame an employer for a worker doing the job they do, when they choose the job as a way of life themselves. No one bent, twisted, any of these players arms to play the sport of Football for an NFL Team or the league, nope they volunteeringly signed contracts that included medical coverage and benefits, plus millions in money to play a game they love. Now when they get injured or hurt, they want to sue a League that gave them what they wanted, to play Pro Football.

        I am a National Football League fan of many decades, and it entertains us and it makes for great games. On each level of the process of becoming a Pro- Football player, these players have a chance to quit and change their jobs if they wish, instead of grabbing the money and going Pro. So why does the National Football League need to pay these men for head injuries? It shouldn’t really, the choice was the players to join a Pro team and they knew the dangers they faced, each and every player, they played football at each level all their lives. Lets be real here, ok.

       The National Football League has been generous and set up many Foundations, Homes for ex-players, paid medical costs for players before and still does today. Yet these players want the NFL to increase Safety and they want to blame the NFL for their conditions? Why?

        At no time in a football player‘s life or career as one, does the player not know he may be injured playing this game. The player has to realize from a young age on a playground they can get hurt and as they age they must also understand they could get hurt worse, because of age and size and violence being in the game. Are these players expecting the NFL to pay them and take care of them after they leave the league, because they earned millions already, and fame playing the game?  What is the real story here, I know if I run through a crowd and fall and break my leg, the crowd is not going to pay to reset it or fix me, so it is all a choice the players made from childhood. Don’t blame the Employer The NFL, blame the players who go Bounty Hunting each other like the Saints did.

       The NFL supplies, high-end helmets for protection, pads, uniforms, medical facilities at each teams home base and stadium. Now, really how much more protection can you get to play a dangerous and violent game like football and still be able to play it. These men are dressed in uniforms and helmets created  by some of the best companies in the world, and designed for protection against these injuries. Sadly, these players don’t stop to think the first time their head buzzes or they get knocked out with a concussion, they all ask to go back into the game. Grow up people if you get paid to do a job, you choose to do, and did all your life, then get injured doing it, why ask the Employer to pay the price of fixing you? You choose your occupation did you not? Yes you did !




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