Internet Invention needs maintaining:

Lets all discuss something that bugs the hell out of me for a change, fools and assholes on the internet who want to destroy the greatest information highway in the world. Why would anyone want to ruin anthers web site? When you have zillions of places online to go and look at things and learn and chat and more, you aim at one web site and take it down with bullshit, that’s crap. If someone doesn’t like a web site or what someone says or writes  on it then ignore it and it will not bother you. The Internet is an invention that gives billions access to history, learning how tos, and millions upon million of pieces of data and a place to be creative. Don’t attack what may be the greatest invention ever by being stupid folks, leave other people’s stuff alone, no one bothers yours.

       It’s like Elementary School all over again, larger bullies picking on smaller people or starters. Listen up bullying is illegal! Let everyone have their say, acknowledge them and then move on with what ever decision you make and say ok. Don’t intentionally ever attack someone or something because you don’t like them, you don’t like their work or you don’t like what they said or do. Just walk away it’s the best thing for both of you.

      As day after day, on the information highway that is the internet data is uploaded stored and turned into information the world can use to save lives, and more, like all good inventions it does get misused also. History has shown terrorist organizations using the internet to voice threats or instill fear in innocent people. Yet the internet is also a device used for fun, information and education, so no matter what anyone says, we all have abusers somewhere don’t we, that we know, well we avoid them in real life and we should do so on here too.

        We have news, comics, information, television, films, books and games all at our fingertips, as well as factual history and more in the world and at home. Be blessed folks and enjoy it all, but, do yourself and everyone else who uses the internet a favor, stop spamming, stop viruses, stop malware and stop destroying the one invention in a long time that now covers all people, all nationalities, all colors, all races period. We all need a platform for information and our say also, well the Internet has now become that and much, much more. Lets protect the wealth of information, the access and the information, lets keep the Internet clean and useable for all.



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