We the People,Middle Class and Below or ?

      As the choices for our next President has come down to two men, the one currently holding the office, Barrack Obama and the other Willard Mitt Romney. One Democrat who loves being a Democrat, but who has worked with the other side for his first term, and a Republican Businessman who claims he can turn it all around. In history many have made claims of what they can do, very few every get it done, please remember that one folks.

        As soon as the November Election ends and across America we know who has been chosen, I hope we don’t regret what we did, like we did in 2008. We regretted that one not because we picked the wrong President, but because we tried to check and balance him by elected the opposing party as the congress. Sadly, we screwed ourselves with those votes and it has caused the logjam that is now in Washington.

        Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting history lesson number 1; Do not at anytime if you want the country to accomplish anything at all, put in a congress of the opposite party from the one you made President. The morass that is Washington is our fault, as the voters, we should have known better. On the other hand, it is correct to check and balance  a President or Congress, but not if you want to get off the status quo your on.  Sadly, we did the wrong thing in 2008 by doing just that, and it has hurt the progress of America’s recovery.

      As this Election cycle goes forward, both of these Candidates will have separate ideas on how to improve the Economy, Create Jobs, bring Manufacturing back to the U.S. listen closely please. If either of them talk about cutting Social Security, or letting it fade, or killing Medicaid, Medicare or Disability Payments for Veterans or Benefits, please don’t vote for them. Across America elderly citizens need Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and Veterans need their benefits and disability payments too, we live on these things because we can’t work. Unless you have an idea to improve these benefits as a candidate I will not vote for you, especially if you cut them, or still borrow from Social Security.

       It is time now, for the over 50 population, the ones who fought for their country, the ones who represented and made America great and the baby boomers of the 1950s and 1960 to have their say for the next four years, don’t sit at home folks vote in any way you can. For this year, this Election will either save Social Security, Disability Payments, Medicaid and Medicare and Veterans Benefits, or leave us all floundering about with no leg financially to stand on and live on. Fight for what is your rights and benefits, we can’t all be rich or millionaires can we?

         The decision must be made between now and November 4th, 2012, do we the people mean we the people the middle class and below or does we the people mean the rich and mighty on top? We must make that choice and decision first and foremost in  this Election.



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