Call Representatives and Senators now!

The American Dream has died I think. So many American dream of owning their own homes, having steady jobs and not hurting for anything they need. That dream of the home and the little white picket fence, and two of everything is coming to an end in America. People are struggling to pay their mortgages, rents, car loans, and more.

Americans are roaming the streets hungry and sleeping in cardboard boxes, as politicians play a game of keep away in Washington and threaten to hurt the middle class and lower classes more, by removing and doing away with benefits, why?  Do Americans of all classes and levels of income have a right to live and survive in America? Or does Congress have a right to take away, borrow from and destroy Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security and cut back benefits to Veterans too? Is this the America I served 16 years in the military for and got injured and disabled for and to protect?

They play with Social Security so well and so much by borrowing from it, that in the future even before i die, it may go belly up and bust and be gone, and I am 56 years old. Why is it the same Social Security lasted for decades and found a way to survive and exist and help so many for all that time and now all of a sudden it is going broke?  They have been using it as a bank to borrow from at the same time they are making payments to needy people who paid into it all. Sad isn’t is when your own Government cuts the people’s throat by stealing from the Social Security meant to help the people?

To kill Medicaid and Medicare is to let loose millions of people from the only health insurance they can have today. Many elderly and needed people get Medicaid and Medicare because they are ill, disabled and can not work and need medical coverage they can not afford to buy. So why try to take away what works for many, because it is a place they can save money for the Federal Budget for. come on now. Find a better place to save money from, like cut your own damn salaries and benefits and lets see how Congress likes that.

I go on and on and i know it sounds like I am ranting and raving and no one will listen, but if all Americans on Disability , Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, and Veterans benefits called their Representatives and Senators and told them stop attacking our benefits you might see the strength in numbers and stop the loss of these benefits in the near future. Fight back, call your Senators and Representatives and tell them, leave the benefits alone, we need them!.



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