Leave Medicaid, Medicare, VA Benefits and SS ALone!

       Again and Again, I turn on CNN and other news services on my television, and I hear how Congress and the Republican Party wants to cut Medicaid and Medicare programs and prescription payments too. Then I get hints of Congress and the Republicans wanting to go after Social Security and borrow more from it and not repair it?  Then they are talking on cutting Veteran’s Benefits too and hurting the Veterans who rely on such things to survive, are you all nuts or what?

         Across America many Americans both male and female depend on Social Security each month to survive, they depend on benefits to live and can’t work. If you can’t lower health costs and prescriptions you sure as hell better leave Medicaid and Medicare alone damn it. Social Security we all paid into and many still are today and you want to kill a program that has helped America’s seniors survive? What the hell is wrong with you people, it sure was helpful when it was a big fat bank on the side to borrow from all those years, now that you have to find a way to pay it back to us and keep Social Security alive for all, you don’t want to right, it’s suddenly a Welfare costs. Up your asses you Republican Bastards. Leave the benefits alone that keep the Seniors going, the disabled going and give the elderly some coverage you cheap bastards. In the end, what you will do will take away everything you can and than leave America’s Disabled Veterans and Seniors with no coverage and bleed us dry with medical and prescription costs, then cry when you have nothing yourself in the future. Dumber then dumb you ask me, don’t you people realize not all American’s are politicians with benefits from Congress, not all Americans have rich kids to save them!. Wake Up!

        What you doing to put it in plain English Congress, is, you are asking the Seniors and Disabled in America and the homeless and jobless to just jump out of a plane flying 50,000 feet in the air and commit suicide, so you  can save money and not pay those who put into all and deserve it. Veterans gave years and years of their lives  and more for what we have. Seniors raised the current population and leaders of America today. This country did not get great without sacrifices, you know it and we do too. But the Disabled, The Seniors and the Veterans are not the ones to be making the sacrifices now for your generation, it should be you keeping us going till we die.  You owe it to your parents, your veterans, to take care of us, not us take care of you, we did that raising you. Listen and heed I say.


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