Jesus, and The Bible ?

After attending church the Roman Catholic Version for over 12 years of life, I was given the choice of continuing to attend church or leaving it all together, I choose the latter. Why many Catholics have asked me over the length of my lifetime now, why would you give up something you were taught for that long a period. Yes I went to Sunday School, and yes I made both Confirmation and Communion, I drew the required pictures as a child and I read the required verses of the bible. Why did I stop attending then, here comes why?

As I grew older and understood more of the Catholic Religion, its masses and beliefs, and rules, I also read the bible. So I began to wonder what religion requires you to go to a man-made building to pray and listen to someone preach sermons and prayers at you. When the bible will tell you first and foremost, God hears and sees all, so why do I have to pay an organization to pray to God? That started my investigating things a little further too.

I do not mean to infuriate, or anger nor insult any Catholic believers or Christians here, but really, please tell me if your God is so real where did he come from? This debate goes back to the old what came first debate, the chicken or the egg and you can indeed argue it forever in man’s world. The religious ones will tell you God created the earth in 6 days and on the seventh he rested, why would a God need to rest?  Then we have scientist, Doctors and Historians who all believe in Evolution or the Big Bang Theory too. Which ever you believe in, whether Religion, the Big Bang Theory or Evolution, I do agree something or some being started all we have here and elsewhere in Space. But no definitive proof of any of it is available at this time.

As to the Bible itself, whether the original version, the St. James version or any other version, it is a fable passed and built upon by generation after generation of different people and combined into one book for all to see.  Mankind learned to communicate and write at a young period in time and my belief is simple. One man began a story based on things he observed going on around him in the old days, and then handed that down to the next generations, until you have the bible as it is now written and edited to present a religious picture and belief system to attract more worshippers.

As time has gone on it has been instilled in many religions and beliefs, as to what the Bible, means in its verses and stories and legends. Yet as we all know, no final proof of such an existence or events has shown up on earth to prove the facts, one hundred percent. I am not trying to dissuade anyone from practicing what religion they wish, for I grew up in a family of two religions, Catholic and Muslim. Do I have a non-ending belief in either one, no, sorry to say, the proof has never been presented.

I do know and believe one thing when it comes to religion, all women, children and men, must have some kind of belief to pin their hopes, futures and hearts on while alive. These stabilize ones life and gives them a basis from which to live and grow on. What ever religion you may believe in, that is a personal choice of course, I hope for everyone’s sake, it is a solid faith for you and helps you through life in general and gives you a belief of where you will go when you die. If God is there and so powerful, why would he allow killing, rapes, wars and more upon the earth we live on? Why would an all mighty being be forced to sacrifice his only begotten son to save humanity?  These questions shall remain  till time expires for all. Why would God have men representing his Catholic and Christian Faiths who molest children? No I am sorry, there is too much hypocrisy involved in the Churches period, for me.



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