On to The General Election Please!

Sometimes, life takes strange twists and turns in ones race to get to the end, and other times it is destiny that leads one to the end result. It matters not what others think, it does matter what the end result will be, no matter what. The math of The Republican Primary this year, delegate count is the ultimate number all must watch as it gets nearer to Mitt Romney winning it. The numbers do not lie, is all I can say to Mr. Rick Santorum and the world, spending more money in other states isn’t going to win it for you Santorum you said that yourself, so why continue?

        The time to end this debacle of a Republican Primary is now, Newt Gingrich‘s campaign is over his funds are gone and dried up, Ron Paul hangs on, but no one will tak ethe elderly one serious and his views are more liberal than conservative anyway.  The end is here Mr. Santorum let Romney now fight his race against President Obama and lets really see if he can beat him or not. I warn all though, President Obama is loaded for bear and ready for anything anyone will throw at him and as I see it now no matter the Republican Nominee, you still have to beat the Incumbant who is beginning to turn things around, look at the numbers.

        I have never been a soothsayer nor a fortune-teller, or one who claims to see the future and know what is coming next, but it sure looks like this race to the Presidency is one between Romney and Obama to me. Who wins or who loses will depend on perceptions of these men in the American Public and at this time I can tell you two areas that will decide this as far as population goes. It won’t  be die- hards of either party, it will be independents like myself and in the end the female gender, women carry power in elections, and if you mess with female issues you deserve what you get from them. 

        Decades ago, Roe vs Wade and the courts solved women’s issues big time with the decision won by women. Do not tell a woman what to do with her body, that is  their own personal place to go, Do not tell them whether they can or can not have a child for religious reasons or any other, they know what they want and can make up their own minds. As to contraceptives of different sorts, men and women use them to prevent unwanted children it’s a fact of the world and to stop supplying them would be wrong too. After Rape drugs are needed for I agree with women, if raped why would they want to keep a rapists child?

          I tire of politicians who tell us what to do with our lives, but I also tire of the ones who don’t get the ideas and thoughts the American people really need help with too.  Stay away from Medicare, Stay away from Medicaid, stay away from Social Security and stay away from Veteran’s Benefits, the people on these items need them each and every freaking penny they get. They are not the rich ones who live high on the hog, they are the ones who have to budget each day and week to survive and take hours in a store to figure how they can eat because of money limits. Wake the hell up politicians!. The saddest thing about the election year cycle and the way the election is going is too many damn Republicans want to take from the poor give to the rich and raise the income of the rich by cutting their taxes. How about we do what Mr. Buffett said, make the rich pay more which is their fair share for a change!.

         Anyway I am reaching a little far now off my original subject of the Republican Primary Race and the meaning of Romney’s wins last night. In the end though isn’t it time we all get a view of what the fall election will be and end this republican debacle now? Lets get to fixing the economy, trade agreements, jobs, and trimming budgets and making Health Care Work!



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