Lessons in Life for All

Life my friends sometimes brings with it lessons we have to learn in order to survive. For some it is not easy to survive, because they don’t know how to fight back against what represses them, for others it is all a game they people to see who they can one upmanship on, and for others it is I don’t give a damn. Lessons are learned everyday by everybody in the world, for some it is pure survival methods, for others it’s business survival, and others love survival. Again it is all different for each of us isn’t it?

I was asked once long ago, which is the best way to go, I can’t give that answer, for no one can, it must fit each woman and man. We all learn lessons of how to live, eat, clean and survive from our parents, and then use those same lessons to move forward and guide us in life. We may not always recognize the traits, the lessons or ways of another, but we sense the danger when it comes around and back off. Mankind is made up of predators and prey; the docile shall be eaten alive, just as it happens in the animal kingdom.

The difference between mankind and the animal kingdom is the human brain works a little better reasoning out logic and solutions. We also can devise solutions no animals would come up with and make them work. Amazingly, mankind is advanced this far ahead of our animal kingdom, but is it really that far we are ahead? Mankind can regress when needed to, and become a raw, wild animal fighting for its own life. It’s just a fact of life that we all understand, but avoid and never deal with.

Lessons are taught to us from the day we are born, swaddled in a diaper and sucking from a bottle or nipple.  Slow down when you eat, drink plenty, and learn to wipe your rear, sound familiar? I bet they do! We all learn these lessons, as children and growing up. Things like wash yourself brush your teeth; comb your hair and more instilled in child years. Then they take us through Kindergarten and Elementary School days, to refine those lessons and teach you more lessons building on

the ones you learned at home. Lessons come every day for people in the world; it’s amazing what some may be, for many. For not all lessons even for humans are nice or learned easily, for mankind can be a stubborn being in more ways than one.

Learning to communicate properly is the most important lesson we all learn each and every day.  At times we come up as misunderstood, misheard or not clearly expressing ourselves and our feelings. Learning when and how to do so is perhaps the hardest thing to do. Some of learn to do so through schools and others through the streets and friends and there are still some who never learn properly. Communication is vital as we all know to the advancement of humanity; the clearer and more openly we can communicate the better it is for all around us and ourselves. Expressions of love, caring, hate, violence and more are included in this, and so is something vital to all humanity if you wish to remain human that is and get along properly in society, self-control.

For some self-control is beyond their control, they lose themselves in fits of laughter, fits of anger, of violence or hate, and don’t know how to control themselves. These individuals end up outcasts from society, hidden from other, or paranoid and needing medication for things like, OCD, Bi-Polar and other mental diseases. It is not their fault of course it is a disease a real chemical imbalance in the human brain that causes these.  Then we have those who get depressed also, which can be brought on by events, reactions or shut downs of the human mind due to stress, pressure or chemical imbalance. Many can overcome these with medical help, prescription and careful watching, there are some though who shall never reach the real world and feel left out and isolated, again it is not their fault?

Lessons for dealing with these things include as you grow up lessons in communication, lessons in sexual orientation, lessons in belonging, and lessons in interacting with others. Stop and ask yourself,

why is it one person has a certain effect on me and others have a different effect on me? Why is it in one family of ten people, you may be loved by half the family and hated by the other half. Perceptions are why, people percept things different and from different angles so to say no one sees the same instances and circumstances the same. One may take something you say as a loving reminder, or a fond memory, and another might take the same thing as an attack upon their family, for instance. In the end though we can’t all see things to do, and at some point the best you can do is express yourself and your feelings clearly and hope in the end it can all be understood and worked out in the end.

We all have learned lessons in fighting too, some in how to physically beat others to pulp and some in how to mentally beat someone to a pulp. But we all have learned how to fight in our own special way whether we are violent or just smart. Funny how that part is formed by family life at home, and how you are raised by parents or in some cases ignored by parents. Sadly humanity is the only species on the planet that rejects its own children for social issues.

One big important lesson for all people to get right is this one my friends. No matter the color of your skin, nationality, or race, or where you are born, we all have traits in common. We all bleed red, we all die if injured bad enough, we all die in time, and we all live through many of the same experiences and traumas that make us who we are today.  We are humans and the biggest lesson for all to learn and understand is simple, humankind should stop killing itself, we should stop killing each other off and learn the biggest lesson of all, Humanity is a species, we all belong to and we are indeed all created equal. So in ending I say this to the world the biggest lesson for all of us to learn whether we are Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, Oriental or any other race, is this we are all human, we are all one species and we all must get along to survive, or in the end we shall leave a planet, empty and devastated by all of us. And that my friends is not a Lesson I wish to learn!


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