April 2, 2012, The Dance goes on!

The Republicans and their primary are still at it in April 2nd 2012. Destroying and attacking one another like little children in a playground in kindergarten. They sound like cartoon characters in comic strip, I didn’t do it!, He’s lying,  etc. Why is the Republican Party allowing this to happen and don’t they understand the general election this coming November is being handed to the Democrats because of it all. I say this not because I am a Republican, nor because I am a Democrat, at heart I am an independent, one of those who can be swayed by the policies of a candidate if i feel strong enough.

        In the end come November, no matter how much money people give, donate it will not matter who it was given to. What will matter is issues and what the solutions for the ones America has as a whole that will make a difference.  America suffers because of past Trade Agreements made by prior Presidents and they ended up not for us but for other countries. We are sometimes far too generous for our own good as Americans and we destroy ourselves. It is time to turn this around, we need to rebuild our manufacturing base, we need clearer Trade Agreements so our exports out weigh our imports once more.

        We need to retrain the AMerican People, many of them are now blue-collar workers trying to do white-collar jobs, or have no jobs at all and are unemployed and their checks running out. We need to help them all by finding innovation, invention, rebuilding  and more, America can not sit still like it is today in the markets and the world.

        We don’t belong in any War Zones anymore we can not afford to be there policing and fighting someone elses war for them. We can’t enter a new war either the cost is too much to our military and our citizens, we drain our resources to help others and get nothing in return as they snub their noses at us. Are we stupid folk, or what is it about the American Government that makes them think we are the Big Brothers of the World here? We hide our poverty just like any other nation and we just do it better is all. People sleep on American Streets and Alleyways in boxes, walk the streets and stand on corners with signs, Will Work for food!. How much worse must America get before our politicians wake up and stop helping the world and help our own?

        The bottom line folks, no matter who wins in November, whether it be  Democrats and President Obama, or, a Republican, we need to get them to notice the real problems in America and take care of our own in the end.

         Here is a thought for all politicians, Stop all war and war efforts, and save all those  bucks and bring them home and put it all into housing and feeding our own homeless and hungry!. Try the idea, or take the money you save from helping other nations and fighting their wars and pour it into saving our job markets, or homeless or jobless. Now that would make a difference I bet.



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