A Real Historic Look at America Today

      The Ides of March are now passing today, and the year is slowly passing away, the spring has sprung yet the Republican Primary is not done! Why is that, and why can’t the Republicans figure out how to get their shit in one sock so to say? Good question isn’t it?

       The pursuers in this Republican Primary act like they can catch the front-runner and make a difference, but they can’t and all they are doing is destroying their own chances as a party in the Republican Race for President. Not a one so far has proven at all they can take on President Obama and the Democrats. It’s a Stooges skit that is funny, stupid and a serious way to stop your own party from winning any seats in the house, the Senate or the White House. Your destroying yourselves in America’s eyes. can’t you see that?

       If the Supreme Court kills Obama’s Health Care Law and it’s Mandate the law itself can not stand either. If that happens and many Americans who can’t afford health care at all due to rising prices of medications, and care and hospital costs, guess who they will be pissed at, the Republicans!

       The same Republicans who raise taxes, have borrowed and borrowed from our Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare and taken from the elderly to give to the rich. Sad that America, must take from its elderly these days, to support its youth and kill off some of the best generations in American History this way, isn’t it?

        Next the Republicans want to cut Veterans Benefits right? They better not, if you think PTSD killings and acts are on the rise, take away the medical benefits from Veterans and you better hide. What is wrong with Congress, The Senate these days, why do you want to cut back what elderlys need and then, borrow from what we paid into and not worry anymore? Your destroying past generations, your destroying and not leaving anything for the current generation and in the end your piling debt after debt on future generations of proud Americans who have to carry on when we are gone. Wake the hell up in Washington, DC, If you can’t take care of the elderly and the veterans of all ages and the disabled, how the hell can you run a country and make it work, no wonder we are in the Red!

       Stop the bleeding of American taxpayers and stop the bleeding of our elderly and Veterans!  Stop taking away what people paid into for decades of their lives and leave it be. You want to improve things let me at your budget, I will cut the fat instead and leave a lean monster, like the average american’s household is currently being run on. No more wars, no more policing the world, we can’t afford it, No more giving to other nations pull back and take care of our own. Lets rebuild manufacturing and blue collar jobs, give some tax breaks to big companies to come back, Lets rewrite and improve the trade Agreements and start exporting a lot more than we import once more!

        In the end my friends, The Republicans are killing their own chances, the Democrats are land locked by them in Congress and the Senate. We have no consensus, no way to move forward that works, and the politicians all play patty cake together in the end.

       To improve what we have, to represent the people, the politicians in Washington, DC, duly elected by us the American people, have stopped representing us, are only representing the rich, we should throw out those who do this and get normal citizens elected once more.




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