Universal Thoughts of LIfe

      As time goes on and on, for the planet and humanity, has anyone actually looked back, and stopped to think, what is really out there in space. The vastness of it, the worlds, the stars, the comets flying by, the suns, so many and different kinds. So it would not be a surprise to me to find there are other beings on other planets rushing to and fro just like us humans to make ends meet and to survive.  Amazingly, we just haven’t found them and they have not found us Earthlings either, the distances be vast, the speed we need huge and the power we would need is currently beyond humanities thoughts and current efforts.

       Before we can think of colonizing another planet, we must figure out how to preserve the one we are currently on. The Atmosphere is polluted with chemicals and residuals from the things we do to survive and manufacture. What is not natural needs to be ceased being done, we destroy our world and the people in it, one by one and then we think of colonizing another world to do the same, it is sad isn’t it? It is indeed mankind’s biggest regret I am sure, that we are stupid enough to destroy the environment we live in and need the most, isn’t it?

        Ray Bradbury who invented Star Trek, all those many years ago now and died and had his ashes flown to space, dreamed of another future for all. He dreamed of exploring space, its planets its ways and beings. He dreamed of flying through the blackness and finding light that all encompass together to survive. God Bless the human mind and it’s creativeness,  it has led mankind to many great things and bettered us all in many ways. yet humanity with all the inventions, innovations, and progress we make, still can not solve, disease, mental illness, improving the world’s life cycle to expand them and much, much more, why? It’s simple and i have said it before to many who ask, all you have to ask is why am I here?

       Each human being, no matter color, race, nationality or anything else is put on this planet to accomplish a certain amount of predetermined missions, we do not even know ourselves. We follow through and call it destiny, fate, preordained or many other things, but is it really only that we are born physical specimens, and the mental aspect is out  of raising and programming by those we were entrusted to? A Great question I think and scientist have been trying hard to figure that one out now since the beginning of life on Earth.

       My suggestion for those who are investigating where we came from is simple. Be careful how you unravel mankind’s existence on Earth, going too much further past mankind’s DNA make-up, could possibly lead to the unraveling of humanity and our demise. It is one thing to look and examine, it is another to tinker and toy with what you do not fully understand!.


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