Hard Truths for Americans!

 In Afghanistan a U.S. Soldier kills 7 people or more, A plane Captain on a Jet Blue Flight goes off about bombs,  and more, each day, more and more Americans suffer from mental illness, due to military life and the injuries they occur. There is no nice way to say this, but God and humanity can not create a perfect medication to control PTSD. Nor can any psychiatrist get anyone to talk with them wanting to, the secrets military people carry and even some carry from childhood, can erupt at anytime if triggered by events or situations. There is no stopping the punishment and pain that people put the human body and mind through to do what is right or to protect their homes and others too.

       In other cases there is no PTSD involved or mental illness or even physical illness, men killing children for no reason is wrong period too. We have more innocent human beings killed in the world that have done nothing wrong to anyone, just because we have meglomaniacs out there too. Syrians are being killed left and right by firepower from their own leadership and military, for what reasons we do not know. The U.N. goes in to negotiate a cease-fire and save civilians and no one listens. Sadly the Syrian Government run by Assad and his people don’t care what happens to their own people or they wouldn’t kill them.

       Across the world fights erupt, battles over small issues or stupid issues and the world looks to us the United States to solve their issues and help bring peace once more. We are not and I shall repeat this later again, we are not and can not be the Police Force of The World when we have economic and health and welfare issues of our own at home here Our jobs disappear daily because of past Trade Agreements and no one stops it, our unemployment lines are bigger than ever before, the factories that kept America going have disappeared. Things need fixed, now The Supreme Court jostles the Health Care Reform Law about saying the mandate is unconstitutional, why? People across America are counting on that Health Care Law to pay and help pay the medical bills to keep them alive. The Prescription costs are crazy alone for needed medications, never mind the hundreds of dollars it costs to see a Doctor, or the Thousands for an operation. Wake up Supreme Court America needs Health Care as a law, the Mandate part has to be included or, the law fails, you know it!

       The world needs help, but so do Americans, we can’t reach out and help the world when we are hurting almost as bad as they are. America is not the America I grew up in the 50s and 60s, or even the 1970s. Lets be realistic, when is the last time you saw a comic book for a nickel, a loaf of bread for .29 cents, a penny candy counter in a store, a movie that cost you a buck. When was the last time you went out and ate a decent meal for 5 bucks a head and enjoyed yourself? Think about what I am saying here folks, America may have come a long way in some social issues, but economically we have burned ourselves out.

       Gas Prices rise daily, you can see the signs change as you go by soon we shall pay five bucks a gallon or more to get somewhere. Why? Because we depend on others too much they are sucking us dry and we are killing ourselves. Electric Cars need building, so we can get off the gas usage and tell these nations with holding the oil where to go. We need to produce our own oil and power through wind,electric, and solar. We need to be inventive, innovative and smart, and find products that the world needs once  more and produce them here.

       In the end the world and the United States especially has suffered from bad trade agreements. shipping our jobs overseas, rising healthcare costs, and over extended military costs. We can’t continue to police the world, if we can’t police ourselves, and produce homes, food, healthcare and jobs for our own.


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