Silly Shit Happens

        I hear it everyday, why are people so stupid at times, that they don’t even know simple things? Why do people ask stupid questions? Like one person said to me, about a situation they were in. A cop stops someone, then looks at them and goes, Do you know why I stopped you?  Now do you really think the person would say yes officer I was speeding, nope, they say,Well I guess you were lonely and needed someone to talk to, lol.

         Or the old would you like a bag for your groceries bit at stores make sone laugh too, how the hell are ya supposed to carry them all if you don’t have one, lol.

           Ever notice the difference between men and women who stop to use a rest room at a convience store? The man runs in and holds himself and jumps up and down wheres the mens room, the woman walks in proud and pretty and asks ladies room please!.

           Many silly thing in life everyday, that you just don’t really notice bu do happen. It’s just that no matter what you do, silly is everywhere if you ask me and those who don’t at least laugh should just give up and surrender.

            While everone else is so serious about this Election cycle and the candidates this year, I go what are you crazy? The Republicans have sent out a field of four candidates, and among them not one standsa chance of beating the Incumbant President Barrack Obama. I see the whole Republican Party Primary as a show of Stooges, beating on each other and making themselves look bad, isn’t that funny?

              To me the Republican Primary Race of 2012 will always be the race of the Stooges to see who can beat who on the head and destroy their concentration and throw them over level and make them look stupid. But like I said silly shiit is every where and no where is it more apparent then in the Republican Primary Race!.

           The only way this Stooges show will end is when the backers the money people pull it from these guys and let the real race begin, to the White House. It’s time folks, to watch at least two candidates sit downa nd suspend their campaigns, both Gingrich and Paul are done, they are just in it for a covention say we all know that now.

           Then we have Rick Santorum who believes his religious and social issues are as important as the economic issues that face America and Health Care is something to bat around. Mr. Santorum should think twice on what he is saying and doing in this race, remember Mr. Santorum you were voted out of the Senate by your own state for a reason. control that mouth!!.

        In the end silly things happen every day, every where, isn’t it time the Republicans stopped their Stooges show and the silly shit and made a serious election out of this mess?




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