Trayvon Martin, Justice

Lets discuss something, I find a problem with America, its media arm so to say. As we all know, media is going electric data route like all things these day, which to me is fine if it happens. On the other hand, magazines are dying out because of the price raises of them, these days and the average income of the American Household.

         Television is today the ruler of the media age, but for how long  with some of its bias views of issues and people. Almost every story is colored by some bias and more, stories that flash across CNN, Fox, and more all are colored by the stations political lean, or the newscasters view on a personal basis Some are pushed by racist announcers and newscaster while others do it out of fear for their jobs, and the racist comments allowed and the actions of certain people can cause great harm to America.

       Trayvon’s case, may have been a crime, or it may have been what Zimmerman said it was? Only time and a full and fair investigation can prove that.  The New Black Panthers have no business in this and will only make it a larger issue, and they have no business in putting a bounty on a man’s head. Violence will only beget violence Martin Luther King said and I agree. We must all live in America no matter the color, nationality, race we may be, it is a Republic not a Communistic country, nor do we allow such tactics here.

       The Trayvon Martin Case has parents of all colors, nationalities and races, protecting their own children and working overtime to keep them safe now. This case does not affect just blacks, it affects all races and colors in America. Why was a man who is a volunteer for a block watch team carrying a weapon that was fully loaded? How can anyone say a child of seventeen attacked this full-grown man, after being followed by him causing his own death? Isn’t a full-grown man the size of George Zimmerman big enough to stop a seventeen year old from attacking him without a gun? Many questions come up in the case and I am sure given the time, the truth shall come out if legal authorities are allowed to do their job. The New Black Panthers aren’t needed here in this case, nor wanted by the Martin’s, Trayvon’s family. They don’t want revenge, they want justice is all and the Justice System needs time to do its job.

        Like all Americans and parents around the world, we empathize with the Martin family on their lost, and feel the pain of it. The color of our skin does not matter it is a child that is killed and gone, we all feel the same. Yet groups like The New Black Panthers come out and put a bounty on a man’s head and talk like they will kill him if they can. We don’t need organizations like the New Black Panthers, or any others who speak of an eye for an eye as a solution. What we need is peaceful solutions and a country united in finding the truth.


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