No Lone Ranger to Rescue Republicans

      March 26, 2012, we are closing in on April and no decision has been made as to who the Republican Nominee will be. The Stooges show keeps rolling across the US and the World embarrassing the Republican Party, embarrassing the nation and making American Politics look like a three-ring circus os errors and slap stick comedy. Someone explain to me why this is being allowed to continue by the Republican Party? Doesn’t the Party that produced Abraham Lincoln have anymore pride than to allow this to happen? It’s a walking joke, that a party which can read the numbers clearly by delegate count, hasn’t pulled the plug on this show and told the other three candidates to go home and stop jostling for position!.  While no candidate gives their party one hundred percent of what they want, they definitely don’t deserve to go through this bullshit at all, front-runner or not!.

        As Romney travels from state to state, and keeps his cool and tries to maintain to get to the nomination, others attack, attack, and attack more, why? Someone needs to explain to the American people, exactly what Mitt Romney did wrong and why this is happening to him and the Republican Party. I understand and other Americans understand I am sure, that Mitt Romney does not have a lot of flair or style to his campaigning and speeches, sometimes he lacks some fire yes, but, you don’t have anything better folks.

       Santorum is a man who was a Senator and then bounced out of office by his own state and his own people in PA. Now you want him to be President, be real people, this man wants to tell you the church governs the birth of children, the right to abortion and more. Sadly, while religion will never disappear in the United States and it is what people came here for, freedom of choice, how can a modern American Male, running for political office actually sit there and tell women whether or not they should have children or not? It’s just wrong and it has been discussed, and decided many years ago with the passing of Roe v Wade, so why go there?

        At this time Santorum is arguing the wrong issues when he gets into religion, abortion and women’s rights. These issues are real but they are based on social issues and personal views and don’t belong in the primary subject line, right now.  While I agree in women’s rights and rights for all which is what this country is based on, I believe that economic issues, benefit issues, health issues and the basics of finding work for Americans are all more important at this time. People are still in cardboard boxes, sleeping outside, walking the streets with signs, saying I will work for food, and losing their homes and more, due to no jobs. Work on the damn economy and stop the Stooges Skits please!

       All around the United States, in the small towns and large cities, people are wondering what the hell is wrong with the Republicans? Why are they allowing these four Stooges to ruin the reputation of the Republican Party? Why can’t you people stop these four Stooges from putting on the show and move on with the real issue the election? Sadly, no one is realizing what is going on, are they? Are you people blind or just so stupid you don’t realize how bad you look around the world and here at home in the USA.

      My say goes this way, and this is America and I do have my right to speak my mind. Listen up Stooges, this is what you should do: 1)  Back off the beat up bus you keep throwing at Moe=Mitt Romney and help him improve himself in the manner you believe he should have. 2) Someone grab Larry=Santorum by his hair and pull him aside and tell him to stop his ranting and raging at Moe. Get him to back off and drop out, his continuing to run is a skit we don’t need now. 3) Gingrich=Curley, you need to admit you were good and funny once and retire and get the   of the way. 4) Ron Paul=Shemp, sadly Mr. Paul and with regret I think you must stop wasting money and time on this bid for the Republican Nomination and go home to Texas and relax. It’s over for you and the slap stick of being smacked on the head by other candidates doesn’t fit you sir.

       In closing today, even the original Stooges in film and comedy history knew when to finally quit. Yes they replaced Curley with Shemp and then Joe Dorita and tried to carry on, but they failed too. They had a better sense of humor and style then you Republicans do and they could make people laugh, you can’t. It’s time for three out of four of you to step aside, give Moe=Romney his due and let the man run, against President Obama. There will be no Lone Ranger folks to save the Republicans, deal with it and lets move into the election cycle.



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