Santorum’s win, down south, a Stooge Skit!

Santorum‘s win in LA. down south on Saturday means absolutely nothing and is foolish not only of the candidate and it’s shows his selfishness for all to see. I know politicians love to brag they won here and there, but in this case there is no reason for Santorum to keep running, unless it is to hurt Mitt Romney and the Republican chances in the fall election. I am sorry to say, Mr. Santorum your continuing to run in the Republican Primaries as hard as you are, will get you nothing and the damages you give your own party and its leading candidate will destroy any chances of beating the current President, Barrack Obama.

       We are now heading into April, and at this time in 2008 McCain had locked up the nomination and was well underway in going after the Presidency. This time around we do not get an election we get the Stooges who would be King Movie, sadly it is not working out Republicans. Someone needs to tell you this, it looks like a crazy skit from a Stooges Movie. Yet, even the Stooges, Moe, Larry, Curley, Shemp and yes Joe Dorita, all knew when it was time to quit and they faded from view and site, because they wanted to go out on top, honorably. But the Republican Stooges of 2012, can’t be this dumb, that they can’t see the end is here and let Romney run can they, nope they want to make sure, they mess up any chances for their party to win. I think I understand this though, they figure, George W. Bush made this mess our economy is in and more and they will let Obama straighten most of it out before making a real charge at the White House. They are scared of really stepping into President Barrack Obama’s shoes and taking any blame for a failure at recovery on their shoulders, they know they can’t fix anything.

        So because they have a fear of actually working to fix what has happened under their Republican President Bush, who handed it off to President Obama, they give us the Stooges act, of attacking one another, playing mind games with each other and not allowing the one with the delegates to run a full campaign. So we end up with what looks like a Stooges skit on a steady basis for the world to see, embarrassing the United States, the Republican Party in the views  of the world. Sad isn’t it folks?. The Republicans actually have no shame, or embarrassment for themselves or their party do they?.


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