Medical Benefits/ SS and More!

      Ok, I am back not feeling the same but back. Spent Thursday in the Hospital, after my blood pressure went up on me and hit 169/87. Seems something was really wrong, so I was at an appointment there anyway, next I knew I was on a stretcher in the Emergency Room. Funny how shit happens huh.

      After, a day and night laying on a stretcher in an Emergency Room, and being looked at by Doctors left and right and cat scanned, they could not find the reason my blood pressure went so high and my pulse so low. By the time they discharged me, the conclusion came out to Complex Migraine. I don’t know whether they were right or wrong, I just know it s Saturday now and the weakness I felt on my left side is not fading fast enough for me. If it ever fades well it won’t be soon enough for me.

        This is the same situation I talk about for many Veterans and disabled people across America and the world. Veteran’s Hospitals save lives and I think they saved mine Thursday.  I think these hospitals need to stay put and so does the benefits veterans earn serving their country.  Politicians can rant and rave and complain about benefits people get, but don’t mess with them folks, we earned them. I hear how some republicans want to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Veteran’s Benefits, you better leave it all alone, we earned what we have. If you want to know why we need it so badly check the conditions of the disabled, the conditions of the Veterans and the amounts of money we live on, then tell me you would like to live so broke and dependent on these benefits, go ahead!  Illnesses, from heart, to discs, to breathing and more hit us all and we live in wheel chairs, on canes, and some don’t even walk or talk. And you think taking our benefits away will save your budgets, and you can’t afford to help us. Do we who served and volunteered to serve or were drafted to protect this nation say no, we can’t afford to serve, no we did so proudly and earned what we have. Stop thinking about taking away or borrowing from Social Security, Disability benefits for Veterans, Medicare and Medicaid or our prescription plans or dental plans, we didn’t say no to what you asked us, leave us something in return!.


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