When will the real Election begin?

      This am, my thoughts return to the Election Cycle of 2012, my reasoning is simple really, what we should do is stop the Republican Primary where it is. These four Republicans have nothing to say, important enough to stop President Obama from winning a Second Term in the fall. Lets face it, they are not running to help the American People, they are running to help themselves really. They all want more publicity and notoriety and have very little actual ideas to turn around the economy, create jobs, save Medicaid and Medicare and Social Security. And what about how everyone is allowing not only our benefits as elderly and disables to disappear, including our Social Security they keep borrowing from, but now they are letting the United States Postal Service go under too. This is becoming a second class nation is it not, now?

        As Congress and the Republicans fight each other and the Democrats too, the logjam that is Washington,DC goes on and on and on and nothing gets done for the people. No new laws assisting the elderly are coming out, no hands off the Social Security, Medicaid and medicare programs is happening, and now no one wants to save the Postal System either, sad isn’t it. What do you do when your own government doesn’t care anymore about anything, you fight back is what!.

        America has its traditions, it has its ways, and it has its real leaders but they are not on the ballots, they are playing puppet masters behind the names on the ballets these days, sad isn’t it. It’s like when you take a secret and whisper it into one ear and then they whisper it into another and finally it gets to the other end of Congress and it is totally changed, it just doesn’t work anymore.

       What we the people should do is one, make all in the House and Senate lose their great benefits, their insurances, their extra funding and lower their paychecks too, why not what do they deserve really, if they can’t get anything done? We still have unemployed, we still have homeless, elderly who need assistance and care, and one hell of a lot more wrong in America. Why do we allow this to continue someone needs to tell the House  and the Senate  wake the hell up. Leave Social Security alone damn it, leave the Medical Assistance Programs alone for the people, get your grubby mitts off of the Postal System too. Stop borrowing from the systems and organizations we all need to survive and live well. In the end we borrow, borrow, borrow from China, Japan and many other countries, then beg and borrow from our own institutions and kill ourselves. Sadly America, we are indeed spoiled rotten, aren’t we?.

        Now, that March is coming to an end, and the numbers show by delegate count, Mitt Romney is winning, shouldn’t something be done to stop the Stooges Show these Republicans keep putting on?  They slap stick, kick and beat each other up and they all know their odds to win the Republican Nomination are shitty. Wake up, give the Nomination to Mitt Romney=Moe and lets move on will you?. Larry=Santorum, Gingrich=Curley and Shemp=Paul all need to get the hell out of this race and end the stupidity of it all, so America can have a decent election cycle and a chance to compare fully Mitt Romney against President Obama, otherwise, there will be no comparison will there?



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