Aging and the Problem with it

Ever notice when your young, you want to be older to do all the things adults do, like drinking, smoking and others items, but when you get old enough to do them you don’t have the time, or health or want to do them anymore?  When your young your body os healthy and you can take on anything, try anything, and get away with anything, because your young, but when ya get older you get cautious and smarter.

         The biggest problem with aging is simple not only do you do it mentally and experience wise but you do it physically too. Imagine if you would, being a virile young 16-year-old with the same knowledge you have at 30? The things humanity could do then right? We would all be like Supermen and Superwomen, smart and still energetic and strong enough to do it all!.

        The problem with aging is, that after you get to a certain age, 50 and up, everyone starts to look at you as a senior and no one bothers to help you.  The next biggest problem with aging is, people want to take away the benefits you earned that you paid into all your life and you expect to have for retirement or assistance. Why? I will never understand it that’s for sure, but when one has to fight to keep Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security, or Disability or all of the above something is really wrong. We all paid into these plans, in good thoughts and for our own security when we do age, but now, Congress wants to take it all away from us.

        Before I go on, there is one thing for all to remember, I know, I know, your all going to say, there are too many of us baby boomer children for these programs to pay for  and it will put the country broke. I give you my thought on this one, we didn’t ask to be born a part of a baby boomer spurt or era or years, but we are here and we deserve what our ancestors and mothers got for assistance also, we paid in. So stop trying to blame the numbers of elderly for the problems in Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, and stop borrowing the money from our assistance programs we paid into for other things in government, and lets replace what you took out and borrowed and no one will hurt without benefits then.

        The problem with aging is looking back and knowing now that if you had the hindsight at a younger time in your life you would have done things different, We can’t roll back time, nor can we ignore what sits in front of us. Due to the fact the 1950s and 60s, produced a baby boomer population we now have roaming America, you can’t take from them the benefits they earned working and paying into all their lives. Wake up and leave the elderly alone, stop borrowing from Social Security, leave Medicare and Medicaid alone, what else will we have in our old age?  Before you touch these programs and harm us aging americans and your forefathers and mothers, stop and think, what will you in the end have to fall back upon once we are gone, if you destroy Social Security and Disability payments and take away Medicare and Medicaid now? Unless you come up with a better solution, I suggest you fix what exists and make it solvent and reliable for the future.

        Other wise, those who can’t afford to buy their own insurance and who rely on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, will come knocking at your doors in rural america and asking you for help personally. Would you like millions of baby boomers on your doorstep asking why you cut benefits from them. I think not, so wake up!



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