Election 2012

       This election cycle in the USA has been one comedy show after another by the Republicans and continues to be the worse mess I have ever seen a political party run out. Why, do this to yourselves and know in the end who ever is the nominee will never beat President Obama. You gave up way too much time and effort killing one another off, it’s stupid childish and ignorant.

       This  Republican Primary is not an election cycle it is indeed a circus of clowns throwing pies in each others faces, to make themselves look better is all. It does indeed and will forever in my book, remind me of old Three Stooges shorts, attached to movies. When will these Stooges get their act together and all work together to beat one opponent, well maybe never, making President Obama’s second term a great possibility and likely outcome.

         As the calendar flies by and the days and months count down to November, it is highly getting more realistic that President Obama will indeed get his second term and chance to straighten out the economy in full. Will it be good for America or bad? That folks is yet to come, for only time can tell what shall happen next.

      So, as the circus of the Republican Stooges continues to entertain Americans and the world, I wonder when Moe=Mitt Romney, will finally stand up and bang Larry=Santorum, Curley=Gingrich, Shemp=Paul’s heads together and tell them to get the hell out-of-the-way!. If not soon then, there is no real sense in running a General Election for President, the outcome is now a foreseen conclusion. 



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