Break up The Republican Stooges !

Republicans it is time to unite and make Mitt Romney your Nominee and run a full pledged and fledged Election Cycle against President Obama if your going to compete!. The problem with continuing this dog fight between four candidates is you all know you won’t win and are scared of winning really. You believe the country is in a mess and the Democrats are responsible and you don’t know if you can fix it all !. Now that is the truth, is it not, you really just want to make a scene and a song and dance out of this and you know President Obama will kick anyone’s ass you put up there!.

       In American History this little act of a long primary fight is silly and we all know it. It is a delaying factor as well as a factor of saying to your opponent, we can’t decide who we want ourselves so how can we beat you!. In the end this game of the Stooges playing Republican Candidates has to end and to run this all the way to the Convention is crazy and stupid and a disaster for who ever you pick as a party. President Obama and the Democrats will most likely win reelection and take a slate of democrats into the House and Senate with him, at this rate.

       Politics in America affects more than just Washington, it affects people’s lives at home, medically, and more. It affects people’s work climates, jobs and in the end how they live each and every day. Oh I know all these elections and politicians running around, don’t seem to do much do they for us poor average americans, and your right. They earn big pay checks, have plenty and do very little other than rant and rave and talk. What ever happened to real politicians who get the job done and pass real laws and bills that affect the country and it’s people in good ways?

       Sadly we have Santorum running about making statements he shouldn’t, Romney fumbling things too, and Gingrich and Paul playing along in this adventure show. These four are indeed the Stooges having a squabble over who should lead, it’s a comedy act, the country can do without, folks.

        Even if you Republicans agree to disagree, the numbers show Romney=Moe, will more than likely be the nominee and that the other three, Santorum=Larry, Curley= Gingrich and Shemp=Paul, should finally stop the act and step aside, time is running out now. You can’t settle on a nominee, by keeping the comedy act going this way, nor will you have a strong enough candidate to go against the Democrats or President Obama come November.

       My Message to the Republican Party is simple now, stop the Comedy Act, break up the Stooges, add the pressure needed to make them drop out, and let Larry, Curley and Shemp go home, and give it to Moe=Romney and lets duke out the election now!




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