Theraphy and Stories and Facts & WattPad

      As I said in a prior blog people suffer PTSD in different ways and deal with it in different ways. My way of dealing with it is to write stories, poems and rants and raves here on my blog and else where.

        My stories range from military ones, to love stories, to sci-fi and more, and even poems I have done. I found a new outlet for many of them now on a web site called WattPad works by allowing people to submit their stories, books, in different lengths or as compiled by the writer and then helps you promote your writings to the world online.

       It has become an outlet for many different people from young adults to older folks like myself to express or release the writings they have done over time for different reasons. It works on many different operating systems including android, and windows that I know of. It contains hundreds of thousands of stories, poems, and more and is free to read and submit to, a great outlet indeed for many.

      Many of the sites for Writers online help to teach a writer how to write, how to express themselves and each use the knowledge they gather to write in their own styles and ways. Another great Organization and School for writing is Long Ridge Writers here in Connecticut, I took a writing course through them and the editing they do is great and so is the suggestions they give.

        My Stories have now shown up on WattPad, and another website called LongStoryShort has published and accepted my works. It is a proud moment when someone finds out what they wrote is good enough for someone to want to show it to others to read. I have poems and Christmas Stories they published.

       The therapy writing produces for PTSD and Depression is great for many, it helps ease the pressure, strains, tensions of the conditions, So these websites and writing sites are to be thanked for their abilities to get people to write in general whether they are a victim of Depression, PTSD or any other mental condition or physical one too. I actually look forward to writing my blog here daily and writing other stories and poems and rants and raves too  in other places, it is like a relief valve at times on an old steam-powered radiator!. It helps and is fun.



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