Raves, Rants and me!

      Apple The big Computer, Tablet, I Phone, I Pod giant is releasing the new I-Pad today. They are lowering the price on the I-Pad 2 to 399.00 a shot, also. Apple makes the sturdiest computers and I-Pads out there along with the I-pod, I-phone, they have amazing products, that once people get them they want to keep them forever. As Apple goes so goes most of the Computer Manufacturers trying to keep up with them, it’s amazing what APple produces and sells, but the one disappointment is the pricing of these products.

      If I could afford a Apple Computer or even an Apple I-Pad I would grab one and run, but they are not priced for average Americans or consumers, they are priced for the upper economic class. All I can do is pray and hope someday I can afford one, but I doubt it will happen for a Disabled Veteran with no job living on Disability Pay, yet everytime I go by the Apple STore in the Mall, I stop in an dstare all amazed at them all.

    But like the economy today, prices are rising on gas, food, housing, insurance and more. It’s a struggle to eat, pay your bills and affrod to live never mind the niceities of Apple Products to own and have. 

       Clothing, Food, Gas, Oil, come first, paying the mortgage comes first or the rent. Medical costs triple on us old Veterans and Disabled ones, as well as retired ones.  Yet Congress, and the Leaders in both parties wish to fight over our medical benefits, our Medicade, Medicare, Social Security and even our prescription coverages, for the elderly and disabled. They say they are tired of paying for our benefits, well that is crap too. Those who are lucky enough to get the benefits earned them by paying into Social Security Medicade and Medicare, what right does Congress have to take any of it from us?

        I know the question is what does Apple making money have to do with benefits for us elders and disabled folks? Actually not anything at all, like my web blog says I do at times rant and rave and raise hell.  But I also know in the end I am usually right about Congress, Washington,DC. what I feel is politically wrong for candidates to say and do is included too.

      I rant against bad customer services, I rant against lousy resturants, I rave on Apple and their products but complain about the prices of everything, I know, I know I sound like a raving maniac, but in all truth, I am just a mad American Disabled Veteran watching a political show that should have ended months ago on the Republican side, and watching my dreams and the dreams of millions of Americans go up in smoke as we can not pay our bills and have what the rich have anymore. So yes I rant and rave, yes I scream and shout, yes I dream of what I want and can not have, but, it is my right as a human being, and a Veteran and an American.

      In the end my Rants and Raves do not get me anything, not even attention, but it is theraphy for me to do it. I suffer from many injuries, six bad discs in my spine from the service days, PTSD, Sleep Apenea,and more, I have survived 16 years service, and two TIA Heart Attacks and I still survive. So yes if I rant crazy at times I am allowed, as long as I hurt no one.


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