Customer Service/ My Ass!

      Personally I have no idea if I am like many people or an abnormality in my own right when I avoid certain places, for my own reasons.Many of us go shopping and don’t think about customers services and false promises at all, we just buy what we want and run out the door. Amazingly. for most people this works just fine and you don’t care what the store employees think or how they act toward you, with me I do.

        A couple of stores are on my never to shop there list, for the above reason, and more. One is Walgreen Pharmacy, because they care not about their employees, nor do they train them in any way before sticking them out on the floor to stock and sell product.  Then when an employee does something wrong to a customer due to stress or because they know not what to do, they fire the employee, I know more than one employee this has happened with.

        The second store on my no shopping list is now Staples. Staples is everywhere and many people use this store to buy electronics, because they are readily available for purchase there. Then on top of buying the product, they give you information about the product and ask you to buy their warranties, for the products they sell. While this is great, the fact remains they do not back up their own warranty, nor will they take back their product within the warranties time limits. they refuse it. It doesn’t matter what you return a product for, if it is past the two-week buying warranty they won’t take it back. The employees are rude,unknowledgeable regarding the products, for instance I saw a woman who brought back a laptop computer and a so-called technician opening it up to check the hard drive, she couldn’t find it. Laptops come with two places the hard drives are in not one. Ah well, some think they know it all and it is the same with Staples.  The General Manager was called over to handle my return and out right refused to take the product back even though I was told at purchase I could return it at any time during the two-year warranty. His explanation, if the employee who told me that when they sold me the item, lied and didn’t know what he was doing and he was demoted because of it.  I care not, for if you sell someone a warranty with your name on it and don’t back it, well your worthless in my opinion as a company and store.

        The rudeness and stupidity of these General Managers and store employees is a common thing in American Stores and Shopping Malls. Sadly, no one trains an employee to be patient, understanding and knowledgable, nor, do they all back their own return policies and warranties. Then we hear about companies on their way out, and wonder why?

       Best Buy is located not near me, but a ways up the road. I used to like to go into Best Buy and look around, explore the computers, televisions and games there and see if any were on sale. But do so now and you will find fewer employees in a Best Buy, and no real help from them. They can’t be found because they are overloaded placing stock on shelves and on the floor. When you do try to find an employee to answer your question on a product, they usually know very little about the product, but they will try to sell you a product they do know, lol. Whats wrong with that picture huh, silly right!. But that is the way customer service is taught to people, so they all lose customers and wonder why they can’t stay in business. While I agree there is some stress and tension to selling, and working in a retail environment, there is no reason for rudeness like I encountered in these stores. You want customers, you better teach patience, manners and give the employees knowledge on the products and not to be pushy or impolite.

      Shopping for many, is an experience we do out of necessary reasoning. We need something for our loved ones or ourselves or our homes. If you want to sell it to us fine, but don’t do so in an impolite, rude manner nor should you not back your own warranties.


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