Republican Disgrace !!!!

      Slowly the Republican Primary slogs along down the path to their convention. Mitt Romney still is the delegate leader no matter what others may want to say or hope for. All Mitt Romney needs to do is relax, be himself, use his wife, and answer questions honestly and openly. Do not Mitt, stand up there and be phony, fake or impolite, nor try to be someone you are not. As soon as you try to force yourself into a position, or stance you don’t really believe in, it crumbles around your ears. Be Mitt Romney, and slow down when you’re talking some and think before you speak. If you do that, speak jobs, the economy and how to turn it all around you will be fine. One other thing you need to do Mitt is, take the stick out of your ass and stop acting like a rich little bitch and show you care for all the people not just the rich. Stop being negative against your opponents and try some positive advertising for positions and issues you believe in.

       Rick Santorum deserves congratulations for his Victories in Mississippi and Alabama last night, he put on an impressive show of popularity for sure. He runs on Social Agendas, that each state thinks is important to it. He appeals to the sensibilities of these poor states and their people. But if Alabama and Mississippi both stopped to think what they were really voting for they would run from Santorum and his religious and social views. Sadly, the people do not understand what they will really get if Santorum is elected or gets the Nomination., Santorum needs to explain his opposition to Romney getting the nomination to the people.

       Newt Gingrich, come on now Newt you are a Southern boy who had plenty of support when you represented Georgia in the House, but lets face it if all you can win is Georgia and South Carolina at this stage, this many states into the race for the Nomination it is indeed time to step out of this race. The same can be said of Newt here that I have said of Santorum in the end, why do you oppose Mitt Romney getting the Republican Party Nomination so hard? What did Romney do to you or the party?

       The last candidate is Ron Paul who is overlooked in last nights, primary contests because he didn’t win a thing and came in fourth in all of them. God Bless Ron Paul for standing up and running at his age and his spirit is strong. The rest of the Candidates should just tell Ron, hey you can have your say at the convention we will listen to you, you need to step aside nicely now and go home to Texas and relax.

       As the numbers come in and change it is apparent that the Republicans don’t want to give their nomination to Mitt Romney, what isn’t clear is exactly why?. When you look at the polls and his comparisons to President Obama no Republican compares better, nor shows they can run with Obama period, better than Romney. The resistance in this case is baffling to many people across the land. Someone please come out with a straight answer here, as to why the Republican Party is so damn sure it doesn’t want Romney as the Nominee, please! Just explain it to America in english and we shall see what we can do, seriously, the man has one hell of a delegate lead you know.

      As 2012 continues on its path towards the November General Election, do these Republican Candidates realize how much ammunition they are giving the Democrats and how much time and money they are wasting fighting each other?  The advantage of the Democrats is showing fully at this time, after millions upon millions of dollars spent on negative ads against each other, these Republicans don’t realize the fact of President Obama still sailing smoothly to his Nomination. The Power of the Incumbant alone is enough to give President Obama a leg up in this election , period.

      It makes one wonder, how much longer can Santorum, Gingrich and Paul actually keep pushing at Romney and why they are so damn concerned with him winning the Nomination, that they are blind to the fact, they are killing the Republican Chances in the General Election. Anger and bitter squabbles are stupid when picking a Presidential Candidate, wake up Republicans the time to unite is here. In the end, come November, if you Republicans don’t get your shit together in one sock and back one candidate soon, you might as well throw all the contributions and money out the windows and give up now. You can’t win an Election for president if you can’t even get behind one person for the Nomination, can you? It’s  sad state for a political party to be in, fighting and arguing like kids in a playground over who shall be the leader, who will get beat in the end anyway, isn’t it? Mrs. Bush, said it best, this whole primary process for the Republican Party is a walking joke and disgrace to the Republican Party and it’s members.




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