Mississippi/ Alabama Speak Today!

Today is March 13th, 2012, and the  Republican Primaries continue with still fout candidates on the ballots, why? I find it hard to believe that  the Republican Party ina nd of itself is not pressuring these candidates to suspend their runs. How much of a chance does a candidate at this point who has won no states or only one state have at the nomination, none. Mitt Romney needs to convey to Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich they will get their say at the convention come August and the Party will listen.

Then we run dead into Rick Santorum. Why this man wants to split the Republican Party into two factions is beyond me. Santorum needs to pack his suitcases and leave the race just as badly as the other two really. Sadly he wants to keep pushing his religious views and thoughts on others, and still run on his so called social issues. We don’t need a candidate out there talking abortion, child care,child rights and putting down women’s rights. His views on abortion, and whether women should have a right to one  are so far fetched and out there, we can not go back to the 1940’s Mr. Santorum and treat women like we own them and they have no rights.

As the South begins it’s statement today on Republicans in the race by holding their primaries, they need to focus on the economy, jobs, eating and places to live. I understand the South’s pride and refusual to want to take charity, but in the end, you can’t beat Mother Nature on your own and you can’t beat Father Time either nor can you beat Uncle Sam with it’s laws, rights and ways. VOte for Romney down there and you may get a fair shake to earn your way out of poverty, and pain, anyone else and you may end up not getting anywhere!.

The Republican Primary Season has been entertaining and interesting with so many different views from these four remaining candidates. Now that all of them have had a say and made numerous speeches, attending 20 debates, and drawn out this contest beyond a respectful process, is is indeed time to get together and back one man, Mitt Romney. Face the facts, Mr. Paul, Mr. Gingrich and Mr. Santorum, no matter how you do the math, even magically in the end Mitt Romney has the lead and the race to the finish in hand. The delegate count itself is in his favor as I believe the American public is realizing and so should you too.

If you want a fair chance at The Presidency and beating President Obama, I would reccommend you wake up and back Romney and give him time to debate, and fight President Obama now. Sadly, the foolish pride of people who can’t win the nomination based on their own faults and problems and the way the Republican Party feels about it’s own, will destroy any chances the party has of running a fair race against President Obama.

As Mississippi, and Alabama get ready to speak this evening, they need to realize what I am saying here is correct. Across the USA, these Southerners, are being portrayed as southern idiots or dim witted hillibillies, and I hope they see it on television. The South has to stand tall and proud this election and make the best choice for it’s own reasons. But the cruelity of television and advertising, must have by now stung the people of thes etwo states. They show them on CNN and other channels as toothless, senseless and slow witted people who can’t understand the differences between the candidates. I think they can undertand it all, but are still being disrespected. If your in Mississippi or Alabama you need yo wake up and represent yourselves better to the public, the nation an dthe world and stop these television stations and newscasts from treating you all, as hillibillies and old time rebels.

You may have a favorite Southern Son, in Newt Gingrich from Georgia in this race, but he has far too much baggage to get the Republican Nomination and we all know it. Southern women need to look at Rick Santorum and tell him he can’t stop you from aborting children from rapes and you determine what to do with your body and child not him or his religion. Ron Paul is too old and liberal to be a true Republican and we all know he will never get the Nomination and so does he. He just wants a say at the platform at the Convention. In the end every Republican knows only one candidate has a pig’s eye cahnce in winning the Nomination and it is Mitt Romney, give it to him sooner than later, and he may have a chance or a fair run at the presidency if you let him.



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