America-Fate or Destiny?

      Can we as people change who we are and what is deemed as Destiny in this World we live in? Is there a way to control what happens each day to each of us and make it all work out right, or does fate and destiny control what is to come and happen?

          Science would say there is no such thing as fate or destiny, we control our own futures by the actions we do each and every moment we are alive. But is that true or isn’t it is the real question. STop and think just through American History, what could or would be different if we controlled our own futures.

        Would George Washington have been our First President? MOre than likely not, due to his war record alone. He was a smart man who did many things correctly, but he didn’t win a battle in war for our Independence until the end.

           What of Thomas Jefferson, a man who wrote the Constitution of the United States, yet had faults himself of owning slaves and loving one also. His faults gave birth to the Declaration if Independence and more. He expanded America and gave us hopes for the future but, he was no more perfect than you or I.

       Benjamin Franklin not an American President, but a genius in his own right, who invented spectacles, electricity, wrote papers and books and guided the American Revolution by going to France and more. Ben gave up much to be who he was , including his own son and wife in the end, so America could be here.

       As History goes on we have many  who sacrificed and became Presidents, died because they believed in the ideal that became America and more. John Henry,Abe Lincoln, Sam Adams,James Garfield, the Roosevelts, Kennedys, and Martin Luther King JR.. Each man, woman or child who stood for the freedoms and rights all have today in America deserves to be remembered and honored in their own ways. It is the contributions of each individual, that raises the United States each day to the high position we hold in World and humanity, and societies. It’s a gift America can teach the world, that if we the people can stand united and contribute, communicate and make what is America, then so can others do the same for themselves.

        This though brings us back to fates, destinies and what can be versus what is and what may be. If we look back in World History, we have the Aztecs, The Incas, The Romans and more, all who rose to great positions of power and strength, to tumble back down into heaps and destruction. Over confidence in their knowledge and positions of power, caused collapses of great civilizations on this planet. America, and specifically the United States, needs not to get too cocky or pushy, or overbearing, or we too shall tumble from the ranks of the best civilizations of the world.

      I must remind Americans, first and foremost, before you all forget, it took all nationalities, all colors, all races to form and make what is America today. The color of your skin means nothing, the nationality you were born with is nice but again means nothing in the end, what unites all here is one thing and one thing only, Freedom, Democracy,the right to choose your own education and religion too. America is great and the best in the world, not because we say so, but because it is inevitable with so many participating in this great Republic experiment the forefathers came up with, the result is here to see.

       So whether it is Fate, or Destiny, we shall never ever fully know, yet there is one thing the World shall always know,and pay witness to, is, The United States is here and has been now for over 200 years and counting still. When the time comes that America crumbles or falls from its position in societies in the world, there shall always be that one shinning moment, like Kennedy said, Called America.


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